What we do

The Gynaecology Service is part of Women’s Services and works closely with our Maternity Unit.

We provide care for women with a wide range of gynaecological conditions. For more information, please click on the appropriate heading below.

General gynaecology (outpatient clinics)

Here we provide hospital care for conditions affecting the female reproductive organs – the womb, ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina and vulva.

If you have a general gynaecological problem that needs specialist input your GP may refer you to our general gynaecology clinic. We commonly see, investigate and treat women with problems such as:

  • Heavy or painful periods
  • Irregular bleeding
  • Fibroids
  • Pelvic pain and endometriosis
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Sterilisation contraception

You may get asked to complete a diary of your symptoms or attend for a scan or blood test. Sometimes lifestyle advice or medication may be given to help your symptoms. Occasionally, we recommend surgery to investigate your problems further or treat your condition.

Emergency gynaecology

We care for women with emergency gynaecological problems, where women need to be seen quickly.

The emergency gynaecology service is based on ward 25 (level 1) at Bradford Royal Infirmary and cares for women who are referred there directly from GPs, A&E and outpatients for assessment and treatment.

Day case surgery

Our day case surgery service is based on ward 5 at Bradford Royal Infirmary. It provides care for women undergoing minor surgery where an overnight stay in hospital is not routinely required.

Inpatient care

Ward 25 is located on level 1 of Bradford Royal Infirmary. It cares for women with gynaecological conditions who need overnight hospital admission. This includes women who have had routine gynaecology surgery and those who require prolonged emergency admission.


Our outpatient clinics are based at the Women’s and Newborn Unit at Bradford Royal Infirmary, although we also have hysteroscopy clinics at Westwood Park Diagnostic Treatment Centre. For more information, visit our Hysteroscopy Service page.


Here we treat women with a wide range of pelvic floor disorders such as prolapse and incontinence (leaking of urine). For more information, visit our Urogynaecology Clinic page.


At Colposcopy we are able to diagnose and treat precancerous changes of the cervix that might develop as a result of an HPV infection.

For more information visit our Colposcopy page.

Vulval Clinic

Dr Sue Calvert and Dr Hema Dadi run the vulval service.

In these clinics we look after ladies with vulval skin conditions including:

  • Vulval eczema
  • Lichen sclerosus
  • Lichen planus
  • Superficial dyspareunia – painful intercourse where pain is primarily at the opening of the vagina
  • Vulval pain
  • Vulval lumps and bumps
  • Patients with a concern about the size of their labia (the vulval lips)

Most patients are diagnosed by simple examination and can be managed with moisturising creams and steroids. If the diagnosis is in doubt or there are concerns about more serious disease, a biopsy may be needed – this is done at the Vulval Colposcopy clinic under local anaesthetic.

The Vulval Colposcopy service is a special clinic where we see the following patients:

  • All patients referred with a possible diagnosis of vulval cancer
  • Patients needing follow up for VIN – this is a pre-cancer condition of the vulval skin
  • Patients who need a biopsy or who have small vulval lesions that need to be excised

We have close links with our colleagues in Dermatology and through them can arrange for patch testing (to look for sensitivity to certain products). For patients with vulval pain syndromes or difficulty with intercourse, we also have access to a specialist physiotherapy team. We teach patients to use vaginal dilators and offer Botox where appropriate when pelvic floor spasm is contributing to vulval pain or sexual difficulties.

Oncology (cancer)

We care for women with cancer of the womb, cervix, ovary and vulva.

Please visit our Gynaecological Oncology page for more information.

Fertility problems and miscarriage

We care for women experiencing fertility or recurrent miscarriage problems.

For more information please visit our Reproductive Medicine clinic page.

Early pregnancy

The Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU) is based on ward 25 at Bradford Royal Infirmary, and cares for women who are referred directly from GPs and A&E for an ultrasound scan in early pregnancy.

Visit the Early Pregnancy page to learn more.

Lilac Clinic (termination)

We offer termination of pregnancy for women up to 12 weeks, six days gestation.

For more information please visit the Lilac Clinic page.

Pre-assessment (pre-admissions) clinic

If you have been scheduled for an elective operation (day case or inpatient) you will be asked to attend a pre-assessment clinic at Bradford Royal Infirmary or St Luke’s Hospital.

You will be seen by one of our specialist nurses. You will be asked to bring you medication with you, and will be given advice on the medication you need to take in relation to your surgery, as we may ask you to stop taking certain tablets. You will also be given advice about when to stop eating and drinking before your surgery.

You also may be asked to have additional tests, such as a blood test, heart test (ECG/echocardiogram) or x-ray.

Gynaecology research

Here at Bradford Teaching Hospitals, we are a research-active teaching hospital. Research helps us to find the evidence we need to provide high quality, best-care outcomes for women. We have a women’s research team and a specialist gynaecology research nurse, and you may be offered the opportunity to take part in studies that are relevant to you.

If you would like more information about our research, please visit the Research pages on our website or contact the team on 01274 364506. Alternatively, email Jennifer.syson@bthft.nhs.uk



We value feedback, both good and bad, as this helps us to continually review and develop the services we provide.

While in hospital
Please speak to your clinician.

As an outpatient
Please add your comment to our comments box below. The information you provide will be forwarded to our Patient Experience team in confidence. If you wish us to follow-up your comment and report back, please leave your contact details alongside your comment below.

    If you would prefer to speak to someone about your experience, you can also contact our Patient Experience team directly on 01274 364810, Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm.

    Comments from our patients

    “The staff were so considerate and caring… you are all amazing and a true representation of our NHS!”

    “Ward 12 at Bradford Royal Infirmary made me feel at ease and they supported me throughout it all.”

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    Gynaecology and Covid-19

    At Bradford Teaching Hospitals, members of our dedicated Gynaecology team are working together to meet the challenge of coronavirus, while providing care that is safe, respectful and compassionate. There have been some changes to our service to reduce the risk of coronavirus exposure for patients and staff, including:

    • Outpatient clinic appointments may now take the form of a telephone or video consultation. Certain conditions will require a direct, in-person appointment. This will be based on your individual clinical situation
    • The Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit has relocated to Ward 25
    • The Emergency Gynaecology Service has currently relocated to Ward 25
    • All routine elective operations were postponed during the peak of the pandemic, although routine gynaecology surgery is now taking place once more. Some procedures may take place at the Yorkshire Clinic. Patients undergoing these procedures may be asked to have extra tests and self-isolate before their operation.
    • We endeavour to get people treated as a matter of priority. We know some women may have had their surgery delayed and are working to increase our capacity to reducing any distress.

    For more general information, please see the Government advice.

    Who we are

    Contact us

    Gynaecology Outpatients’ appointments: 01274 274274
    Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit: 01274 364325
    Planned Admissions: 01274 364888

    Consultant contact information

    All appointment enquiries should be made via the Central Patient Booking Service on 01274 274274 with the exception of Colposcopy, Cystoscopy, Urodynamic and smear appointments. Please see below for the correct numbers for these services.

    Consultant Telephone
    Mr J Anderson (Hysteroscopy) 01274 362660, (General Gynae) 01274 382660
    Mr O Bajulaiye  (Hysteroscopy) 01274 362660, (General Gynae) 01274 382660
    Dr V A Beckett 01274 364890
    Dr S M Calvert 01274 364520
    Dr N Cawley 01274 364618
    Dr H Dadi (Hysteroscopy) 01274 364496, (Colposcopy/Vulval) 01274 364542, (General Gynae) 01274 364891
    Dr H A Edwards 01274 364891
    Dr A Hufton 01274 364889
    Dr S D Kakara (Hysteroscopy) 01274 364496, (General Gynae) 01274 364520
    Dr S Kukreja 01274 364275
    Dr S Crowther 01274 382691
    Dr S Elton 01274 364618
    Consultant Telephone
    Dr A S Mighell 01274 364887
    Dr P Munjuluri 01274 364891
    Mr N A Myerson (Colposcopy) 01274 364542, (General Gynae) 01274 364618
    Dr C M Ramage 01274 382691
    DR C E Robertson 01274 364889
    Dr N Sabir 01274 364890
    Dr S Sasson 01274 364890/01274 364496
    Dr J B Wright 01274 364887
    Mr R C Hutson 01274 382660
    Dr T Pettinger 01274 364887
    Colposcopy, smear and vulval
    appointment queries
    01274 364542
    Cytoscopy appointment queries 01274 364888
    Urodynamic appointment queries 01274 382633