Following further assessment and review at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, to avoid any additional restrictions due to increasing COVID rates in the community, we will be putting in place the following measure with immediate effect (Wednesday, 22 Dec):

All visitors to our wards must take a lateral flow test prior to visiting our hospitals.

A negative lateral flow test must be shown before visitors are allowed entry to the Bradford Royal Infirmary, St Luke’s Hospital and the community hospitals of Westwood Park and Westbourne Green. The test must be handed over to staff on entry to the ward. A photograph will not be acceptable.

If you get a positive lateral flow test result you must self-isolate straight away to avoid spreading the infection to other people. The self-isolation period includes the day your symptoms started (or the day you had the test, if you do not have symptoms) and the next 10 full days.

You may be able to leave self-isolation after 5 full days if certain conditions are met.

Find out how long to self-isolate

Visitors can order tests through their local pharmacies or via the following link:

If you don’t have a test, it will not be possible to come into our hospitals, wards or inpatient areas.

If it is an emergency situation, to facilitate an urgent visit, we will provide visitors with a test to use prior to going on the wards.

Click here to see who can visit.

People attending outpatient appointments or attending A&E are currently not expected to produce a lateral flow test.

Face coverings are legally required before entering our hospitals.