Our parent education modules are designed to give you information about labour, birth and parenthood.

You can book hypnobirthing classes on DrDoctor, other virtual classes on Eventbrite and access the training material below.

For more information visit the Women’s and Newborn Unit homepage and our Facebook page. A tour of our maternity unit is available on youtube.

Parent education at Bradford

Healthy pregnancy

  • staying healthy in your pregnancy both physically and mentally
  • making informed decisions about your care
  • growing a happy healthy baby

Labour and birth

  • choices in labour
  • what happens to your body during labour
  • coping strategies to help your body work at its best
  • pain relief options

Waterbirth and homebirth

  • benefits of water birth
  • what happens at a water birth
  • what happens at a home birth and how is this different from a hospital birth
  • homebirth safety

When nature needs a hand

  • why we may need to intervene in your labour
  • induction of labour
  • assisted birth
  • tears
  • caesarean section

Infant feeding and bonding

  • responding to your baby and brain development
  • how the body works to produce milk
  • why is breastmilk amazing for babies
  • feeding babies
  • expressing your milk

Becoming a family

  • what to expect after birth
  • physical and mental health
  • realistic expectations
  • how to respond to your baby
  • relationship building and bonding

Caring for baby

  • keeping babies safe while they sleep
  • comforting a crying baby
  • nappy changing
  • bathing
  • items you’ll need


  • vaccine in pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • dangers of COVID-19 infection and pregnancy
  • how to stay safe