Wild garden, St Luke's Hospital
Wild garden, St Luke's Hospital

A greener future at BTHFT

It is the Trust’s vision to be an outstanding provider of healthcare, research and education, and a great place to work. We can only achieve this through balancing the three pillars of sustainability: our financial, social and environmental commitments.

Consequently, the Trust has produced a Green Plan to achieve a range of core sustainability-related objectives.

In doing so, BTHFT has recognised the importance of the Greener NHS work to reduce the NHS carbon footprint.  

By encouraging sustainable development in all its forms, the Trust will continue to take positive steps to mitigate the effects of its activities on the environment. We already incorporate sustainability into some aspects of our activities, but recognise that more needs to be done.

Identifying the opportunities that remain will help us meet the objectives of our clinical and supporting strategies. In particular, financial benefits accruing from increasingly sustainable activities will allow us to further invest in clinical services.

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All our buildings and grounds are now smoke free. Please share our clean air poster, BRI
All our buildings and grounds are now smoke free. Please share our clean air poster, BRI


As global demand for goods and fossil fuels outstrips supply, and governments attempt to reduce the effects of climate change, the moral and financial imperatives for NHS organisations to take a leading role in sustainable development become greater than ever.

The Trust’s Green Plan sets out our action plan over the next five years and identifies a number of sustainable development opportunities for us to take forward. It also underlines the benefits of embedding sustainable practices within our operations and describes the governance arrangements needed to keep the plan on track. 

Although the Trust has previously implemented many successful sustainability initiatives we aim to build on our previous success, and have also launched a Mission to Net Zero campaign to highlight the NHS’ bid to become net zero by 2040. 

Green credentials

Improving our green credentials not only reduces carbon emissions but also provides an opportunity to secure financial savings, the majority of which are able to be reinvested back into front-line clinical operations.

In short, a successful delivery of the Green Plan will directly contribute to our goals of using our resources efficiently and reducing our operating costs.

To implement this plan we have established a team and governance structure. The project sponsor is John Holden, Director of Strategy and Integration, who has overall accountability for the implementation of the plan and the achievement of our targets through the Green Plan Implementation Group. 

Progress against the Green Plan will be reviewed annually and will be reported to the Board of Directors and Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).  


The Trust is committed to sustainable development and recognises the significance of tackling a range of environmental, economic and social issues.

We have already made significant progress in the core areas of sustainability, including energy reduction, but recognise that a broader approach to sustainability is now required. Consequently, a wider range of improvement measures are necessary, as detailed in the Green Plan document.

The Board-approved Green Plan provides a comprehensive and structured framework for the Trust to meet its commitment to conducting all aspects of its activities with due consideration to sustainability while providing high-quality patient care. We must ensure that sustainability is embedded in all Trust activities.

Acting as one

We are part of a single health and care system in Bradford District and Craven, and we are committed to ‘acting as one’ with our system partners to deliver the Green Plan for our organisation and the wider system.

It is of financial, social and environmental importance that the Trust reduces its direct and indirect carbon footprint. The Green Plan helps provide balance across a range of sustainability development objectives to achieve this.

The Green Plan will be reviewed by the Board annually, and progress reported through the governance structure to the Sustainability Strategy Group to ensure its aims are achieved.

Green resources

Electric vehicles are welcome at Bradford Teaching Hospitals. Charging point, BRI.
Electric vehicles are welcome at Bradford Teaching Hospitals. Charging point, BRI.
Electric vehicle recharging point, Bradford Royal Infirmary
Electric vehicle recharging point, Bradford Royal Infirmary


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We aim to deliver a healthier future for all our patients and staff. Feel free to contact us for more information on our Green Plan.

Whether you’re an individual, community organisation or business, we’d love to hear from you! Please find our contact details below.

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