Take part in vital research and help us live in a world without COVID-19

HELP us live in a world without COVID-19.

There are currently no vaccines to prevent any of us from being infected with coronavirus. But here in Bradford, with your help, we are part of the race to find one.

Without a vaccine against COVID-19, we all face living with the risk that new outbreaks of the disease will continue to break out.

Rigorous testing, contact tracing and isolating at home are all helping to control the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

Yet the only way to reduce its threat is for more of us to become immune to the virus, so we cannot pass it on.

Given the pace and scale at which COVID-19 spreads, the rapid development of an effective vaccine is the biggest priority in world medicine.

Thanks to our proven track record as a City of Research, Bradford has been chosen to be at the forefront of the national effort to develop a successful vaccine.

We are liaising closely with the pharmaceutical industry and academic institutions, who are working hard to discover a vaccine.

Our key role will be to test in real-life whether these vaccines provide immunity against COVID-19, and give us the strongest protection from becoming infected and unwell.

We are looking for thousands of volunteers for a number of vaccine trials. We anticipate the first ones will be starting over the next six months. We are recruiting volunteers from across the community, but you must be aged 18 or over.

Each trial will be different and may involve one or more appointments with our research teams at the hospital or a GP practice; however as much or as little time you can spare will help us out.

Bradford is part of the global race for a vaccine. Find out here how you can take part and help your loved-ones, your friends and our wider community in the future.