Bradford Teaching Hospitals gives notice here that it will hold elections to appoint 7 public representatives and 2 staff representatives to its Council of Governors and is looking for people to nominate themselves to stand from Monday 7th March 2022.

We are looking for people of all ages and from different backgrounds to become Governors to reflect and represent the diverse communities that we serve here at Bradford Teaching Hospitals. This year we need Public/Staff Governors to represent the following constituencies:

  • Bradford East (2 seats)
  • Bradford South (1 seat)
  • Keighley (2 seats)
  • Patient (1 seat)
  • Rest of England and Wales (1 seat)
  • Staff: Medical and Dental (1 seat)
  • Staff: Nursing and Midwifery (1 seat)

You can nominate yourself for the elections from Monday 7th March 2022. Please check back here soon for information on how to nominate yourself.

To nominate yourself you need to be a member of the Trust.

Join 40,000 other members in supporting your local hospital: complete the online form: https://secure.membra.co.uk/bradfordteachingapplicationform/

Not sure if you are already a member? Email membership@bthft.nhs.uk