To ensure your stay in hospital is no longer than necessary, plans for your discharge are made as early as possible. You should be given a provisional discharge date within 24 hours of admission.

Your discharge plan

Your nurse will be responsible for arranging your discharge plan. If you have any questions about your discharge plan please see your nurse or ward sister.

Your leaving hospital checklist

When you are ready to be discharged your nurse should make sure you have:

  • A copy of the GP letter
  • All the medications you need with information on usage and storage
  • Information on details of care needed from other health professionals
  • Information about potential lifestyle changes with appropriate advice
  • Contact numbers if you have any further questions or concerns.

You may also need to:

  • Give administration staff a forwarding address
  • Collect any money or valuables you have handed in
  • Return any hospital equipment you no longer need.

Open and honest care

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of a number of NHS organisations who want to be open and honest with our patients. This is how a modern NHS hospital should be – open and accountable to the public and patients and always driving improvements in care.

We want to make sure that you can access information about the quality of care that we provide. Being open, honest and answerable to the public and our patients will help us to make improvements to our care services. The NHS Open and Honest Care programme helps us to do this by providing you with a wide range of information about our services.

As a member of the ‘Open and Honest Care: Driving Improvement’ programme, we continue to work with patients and staff to provide open and honest care, and through implementing quality improvements, further reduce the harm that patients very occasionally experience when they are in our care.

We have made a commitment to publish a set of patient outcomes; patient experience and staff experience measures so that patients and the public can see how we are performing in these areas.

Each month we work with other care providers to share what we have learned and to use this information to identify where changes can be made to improve care.