Congratulations on your pregnancy.
By completing this form you are arranging your maternity care at Bradford Women’s and Newborn Unit.   You can choose to birth your baby at home or in the hospital, when you meet your midwife you can discuss your choices further.
To avoid a delay in your care please make sure you complete all fields.
If you have any difficulties understanding or completing this form please contact your GP surgery to make a referral for you.

    Maternity Self Referral with Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust's Maternity services.

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    If you wish to birth your baby in Airedale NHS Foundation Trust please call the single point of access to self-refer on 01535 292411. All your care throughout pregnancy, birth and after birth will be provided by Airedale maternity services.

    You do NOT need to complete this form.

    If you wish to birth your baby in Bradford Women’s and Newborn unit please continue to complete our online self-referral form.
    You MUST also refer directly to Calderdale, please visit Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS trust's webpage.
    Alongside this form, please self-refer to Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust via www.mypregnancynotes.com
    This referral form is for homebirth in Bradford area only
    If you wish to birth your baby in any other hospital , but live in Bradford and wish to have pregnancy and after birth care from Bradford midwives please ask your GP to refer you to them and continue to complete the self-referral form.

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    (e.g. 04/Mar/1989)


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    Thank you NAME we have now received your self-referral.  Please do not make another self-referral as we will contact you within 14 days to start your maternity care.  If you have any problems, pain or bleeding please contact your GP surgery, NHS 111 Service or A&E if very urgent.


    It is recommended that you take 0.4mg folic acid daily as early as possible in your pregnancy to help with your baby’s nervous system development.  These are readily available in pharmacies and supermarkets.


    This online form is a new way to get in touch with Maternity Services, we value your feedback and would like to hear what you think about this self-referral form.  Help us to improve our service by answering 5 short questions by HERE.  Thank you.


    This means you can receive additional FREE support throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond

    Whether or not this is your first pregnancy, Better Start Bradford’s dedicated project teams can support you with everything from:

    • Birthing plans and preferences
    • Accompanying you to appointments
    • Practical and emotional support during your pregnancy journey, including antenatally, during the birth and postnatally
    • Listening to you about any worries or anxieties you have about your pregnancy or becoming a parent
    • Feeding advice and preparation, plus breastfeeding and infant feeding support after birth
    • Building your confidence
    • English language skills
    • Practical support in the home
    • Signposting to other local services

    They can even help you meet and connect with other local families, helping you build local support networks.

    If you already have children aged 0-3, Better Start Bradford has lots offer you: