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Welcome to Respiratory Medicine.

The respiratory medicine inpatient ward is based on ward 23 at Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI), a 28-bed ward which has a dedicated four-bed respiratory high dependency unit (RHDU) and four-bed acute respiratory care unit (ARCU).

These beds are used to treat patients admitted to BRI with acute exacerbations of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) with hypercapnic respiratory failure.

We also look after patients who present with respiratory problems such as asthma, pneumonia, pleural disease and pulmonary embolus.

We have three respiratory specialist nurses who provide help to patients with acute exacerbations of COPD and severe asthma. While on the ward our respiratory nurses deliver education to patients and work with community services. They set patients up with home CPAP/non-invasive ventilation, home oxygen and home nebulisers. They also help deliver biologic injections (Omalizumab and Mepo) for difficult asthma cases in outpatient settings.

The ward also has input from specialised respiratory physiotherapy experts who help treat patients with severe respiratory failure and patients stepped from our Intensive Care Unit.

Respiratory outpatients are seen in Outpatients West on level 1 of Bradford Royal Infirmary, in the Horton Wing of St Luke’s Hospital, Westwood Park Community Hospital, and at the Bradford Institute for Health Research.


The respiratory medicine department holds the following clinics:

  • General respiratory
  • Lung cancer
  • Specialist severe asthma
  • Sleep and ventilation, including home CPAP (continuous positive airway provision)
  • Interstitial lung disease
  • Tuberculosis
  • Respiratory nurse-led

Other services

We hold a weekly lung cancer multi-disciplinary team meeting. This includes the respiratory physicians, a radiologist, thoracic surgeon, medical oncologist and clinical oncologist, as well as palliative care and specialist lung nurses who gather to discuss the best treatment options and plans for patients with suspected and confirmed lung cancer.

We also run twice-weekly, half-day procedure lists. Procedures include bronchoscopy, a procedure which allows doctors to use a camera to look into the airways and lungs, and EBUS, which is also a camera test but uses ultrasound to take samples of the glands near the lungs.

The department is supported by cardio-respiratory services who deliver specialist breathing tests and other diagnostic services.

The severe asthma service has access to Exhaled Nitric Oxide measurement (FeNO), and induced sputum analysis, which is used in complex severe asthma trials.


The Respiratory Clinical Trials Unit at the Bradford Institute for Health Research has been conducting clinical trials since 2009.

The unit, led by Dr Dinesh Saralaya, is fully self-funded and is currently recruiting for 15 active phase two and three severe asthma trials and six phase three COPD trials, plus one nasal polyp and severe asthma study.

In addition, the unit has successfully recruited into over 60 completed severe asthma and COPD trials.

In all trials the unit consistently recruits its target and often surpasses it. The unit has had at least three global-first patients and several European first recruits into its trials.

The Research Clinical Trials Unit has been audited on numerous occasions by industry partners. A recent MHRA inspection highlighted the exemplary record-keeping at the unit and its leadership. The unit is also a preferred UK site for severe asthma and COPD research to major clinical research organisations and industry.

The research team are supported by four research nurses, a research assistant and study administrator.

Please click on our research brochure for more information.

In addition, Dr Leeane Cheyne is conducting a number of lung cancer trials looking at early diagnosis in lung cancer and how to best support our lung cancer patients through their cancer pathway.

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Who we are

Ward 23 staff

Our ward is staffed by a team of junior doctors, four foundation doctors (newly qualified), three doctors who have been qualified for two-to-four years, and two registrars (qualified for more than four years and training to become a respiratory specialist).

Sister Shelley Berry leads a team of junior sisters, staff nurses and healthcare workers.


  Specialist Interest
Dr Abid Aziz Clinical lead, general respiratory, lung cancer
Dr Dinesh Saralaya Lead for severe asthma and sleep medicine, general respiratory, research
Dr Leanne Cheyne Lung cancer lead, general respiratory, pleural disease, research
Dr Zelma Hall TB lead, general respiratory, sleep medicine

Other staff

  Specialist Interest
Shelley Berry Ward manager and senior sister, ward 23
Tracy Lightowler Lead respiratory specialist nurse
Peter Vivian Respiratory specialist nurse
Misba Ali Respiratory specialist nurse
Tracy Hiley Lead lung cancer nurse specialist
Katie Henderson Lung cancer nurse specialist
Helen Spencer Lung cancer nurse specialist
Elizabeth Prosser Lung cancer nurse specialist
Hannah Phillips Patient care co-ordinator
Ingrid Madzikanda Lead TB nurse specialist
Elizabeth Hambleton TB clinical nurse specialist
Linda Meakin TB clinical nurse specialist
Rwegema G Cikwanine TB clinical nurse specialist
Jayne Gray Senior medical secretary to Drs Cheyne and Saralaya
Kathryn Stone Senior medical secretary to Drs Aziz and Hall
Elizabeth Baldwin Senior medical secretary to Dr Locum and Tracy Lightowler
Susan Hampton Senior medical secretary to Dr Hall and Dr JP Wright (for TB)

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Contact details

Ward 23
To contact ward 23 please call 01274 364404.

Patient enquiries
Patient enquiries are handled by our senior medical secretaries on 01274 334294/01274 364303.
Fax: 01274 382397

Lung cancer nursing team
Telephone: 01274 382484
Fax: 01274 382397

TB nurses
Telephone: 01274 365101

Research team
Telephone: 01274 383383

Opening times

Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.00

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