What we do

The Pharmacy Service provides a wide range of services across our hospitals and local hospices.

Our pharmacists are dedicated to ensuring that all patients get the greatest benefit from their medication by focusing on their individual needs and outcomes.

The Pharmacy team comprises pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, Assistants, trainees, apprentices and support staff.

The Pharmacy team are experts in the use of medicines and in applying this knowledge so that we can ensure patients get the maximum benefit from their medication.

The team do this by ensuring that the latest evidence is used to select the preferred medicines to use within our organisation.

The team provide Pharmacy services to patients from the following locations:

  • Bradford Royal Infirmary
  • St Luke’s Hospital
  • Westbourne Green Community Hospital
  • Westwood Park Community Hospital
  • Marie Curie Hospice, Bradford

The Pharmacy team are also responsible for the Outpatient Anticoagulant Monitoring Service, which is also operated from St Luke’s Hospital.


Anticoagulant clinics

The pharmacy run anticoagulant clinics are provided from the Horton Wing on the St Luke’s Hospital site. The team are responsible for monitoring patients taking oral anticoagulant medications which require regular blood tests to be taken safely e.g. warfarin.

The clinic team take referrals from both hospitals and GPs and provide a service for any patient taking oral anticoagulant monitoring no matter their medical condition.

Each patient is given an individual appointment during which a pharmacy assistant will undertake a simple blood test before a pharmacist or pharmacy technician assesses the results and advises on the dose of medication to take. The pharmacist / pharmacy technician will also recommend the next appointment date based on the result obtained.

Clinical pharmacy team

This team comprises pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who visit patients on the wards. The team will talk to patients, their carers (where appropriate) and review their prescription chart to establish:

  • What medication a patient was taking before they came into hospital
  • What medication the GP has prescribed for the patient, if different
  • Whether they have any allergies to medication
  • What medication they are currently prescribed in the hospital
  • A patient’s understanding of their medication and potential side-effects.
  • Review medication prescribed both before admission and during the stay to ensure it is suitable for the patient to use given their current medical condition
  • Provide prescribing advice to the team looking after the patient to ensure the most effective medication is used
  • Encourage the use of patients’ own medication to minimise delays in treatment

Clinical trials team

The Pharmacy service has a team which supports the numerous clinical trials the hospital partakes in each year. The Trust undertakes clinical trials to help companies develop and or refine future treatments to improve treatment options for both existing and future patients.

Dispensary services

The Pharmacy team operate a dispensary at Bradford Royal Infirmary which provides inpatient and discharge medication.

Every item dispensed by the pharmacy is checked for clinical appropriateness before being dispensed by pharmacy dispensing assistants and pharmacy technicians. All items are finally accuracy checked by either a pharmacy technician or pharmacist before being released to patients.

Dispensing Support Unit (DSU)

A team of pharmacy staff work behind the scenes to prepare some of the more critical medications in a sterile environment. Typical medication prepared in the DSU include chemotherapy for cancer, and biological medications for conditions where the body attacks itself such as rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s Disease. The team are also responsible for preparing artificial feed for patient who require nutrition via an infusion.

Medicines safety and governance

Almost every patient attending for a day-case procedure or inpatient stay will receive one or more medications. The Medicines Safety and Governance team ensure that medication within the Trust complies with legal and regulatory guidance and is safe to use.

The team regularly audit medication use and assess any incident reports to identify medications and processes which need to be improved.

Medicines information

The medicines information service provides specialist advice on medication to doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

The MI service also offers a patient helpline which patients can call to get advice on medication related issues. The team use professionally reviewed books, journals and websites to ensure advise is accurate and free from promotional bias.

Quality assurance and quality control

The quality assurance team are a specialist group of individuals who provide monitoring of sterility and conditions in the DSU. The team also undertake product assessments to ensure they are fit for use, and share their expertise with a number of other hospital pharmacies across the north of England.

Rowlands operates two outpatients pharmacies on behalf of the trust located in the Horton Wing of St Lukes Hospital and the ENT Department at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

The pharmacies are responsible for dispensing outpatient medication prescribed by the trust clinicians. The Pharmacies also sell over-the-counter medication, staff visitors, and where prescribed by a clinician to patients.

The pharmacy staff are also available to provide healthcare advice on a range of conditions.

Unfortunately the outpatient pharmacies cannot provide medication prescribed by GPs or other hospitals.

Who we are

David Smith Director of Pharmacy
Neill McDonald Deputy Director of Pharmacy – Medicines Governance
Hannah Miller Assistant Director of Pharmacy – Quality Assurance
Jas Sohal Assistant Director of Pharmacy – Community and Mental Health
Katherine Cullen Assistant Director of Pharmacy – Clinical Services
Phil Moore Assistant Director of Pharmacy – Technical Services

Contact details

Anticoagulant Clinic 01274 365442
Dispensary Services 01274 364237
Dispensing Support Unit 01274 364239
General Office 01274 364234
Medicines Information  01274 364598
Patient Medicines Information Line 01274 364598
Rowlands Pharmacy BRI 01274 491651
Rowlands Pharmacy St Luke’s 01274 734744

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Pharmacy Services holds the following pharmacy specific licences and registrations.

Location Regulator  Registration Number
BRI Dispensary General Pharmaceutical Council  1116007
Dispensing Support Unit Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency  MS 11429
Pharmacy Stores Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency  WDA(H) 11429
Home Office (UK Controlled Drug Licence)  675/116000

Service statistics

80 Over 80% of patients are seen by a pharmacist within 24 hours of admission
88 88% of outpatient prescriptions dispensed within 10 minutes
99 99% of outpatient prescriptions dispensed within 20 minutes
135 135 members of staff
12,500 Over 12,500 anticoagulant clinic consultations undertaken each year
300,000 Almost 300,000 items dispensed or distributed each year
40,000,000 Almost £40 million pounds spent on medication each year

Outpatients' pharmacy

Rowlands operates two outpatient pharmacies on behalf of the Trust located in the ENT Department at Bradford Royal Infirmary and Horton Wing of St Luke’s Hospital. They are responsible for dispensing outpatient medication prescribed by the Trust’s clinicians.

Our pharmacies also sell over-the-counter medication to staff, visitors and, where prescribed by a clinician, to patients. Pharmacy staff also provide healthcare advice on a range of conditions. Unfortunately, our outpatient pharmacies cannot provide medication prescribed by GPs or other hospitals.

Stores, procurement and distribution

The Stores Procurement and Distribution staff are responsible for sourcing around £40 million of medication each year.

Working in partnership with regional and national colleagues, the team help to negotiate contracts to ensure that high quality medication is sourced at the most competitive price.

The team process orders from a wide range of pharmacy wholesalers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that as many products as possible are available when they are needed. Once received the team distributes the stock to dispensaries, Dispensing Support Unit and various ward stock areas around the Trust.

The Stores team also hold a Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency Wholesale Dealer’s Licence. They are also have a Home Office Controlled Drugs Licence.

Useful links

General Pharmaceutical Council: www.pharmacyregulation.org
Hospital formulary:  www.bradfordhospitalsformulary.nhs.uk
Product Information Leaflets: www.medicines.org.uk
Rowlands Pharmacy: www.rowlandspharmacy.co.uk

Interested in joining our team?

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