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What we do

Children's Services

The children's service at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (BTHFT) provides acute and community services to the child population of the city of Bradford which is approximately 95,000.

Children's services comprises of 3 inpatient wards, children's assessment unit, a children's out-patient department, child development service, community paediatric service, community nursing and continuing care team, palliative care service, continence service, the clinical nurse specialist teams and the medical secretary teams.

Children's services include three inpatient wards on the BRI site, Ward 16, Ward 17 and Ward 2. Ward 16 is a ten bed medical ward and includes a stabilisation unit for children who are clinically unwell and require ventilatory support. Any child who requires intensive care is transferred to a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), as we do not have a PICU within our children's service. The children's assessment unit (CAU) is also based on ward 16, this provides a facility where children can be assessed and observed after referrals from Accident and Emergency or the GP. Ward 17 is a 25 bed medical ward, caring for children who require short or longer term medical care. Ward 2 is a 27 bed surgical ward, where children attend for planned surgery or in the case of an emergency surgical condition which requires treatment.

The children's unit is covered by a committed medical, nursing and support teams. The medical team consists of consultants, specialist registrars and junior doctors. The nursing teams consists of senior sister or charge nurse, junior sisters, advanced clinical practitioners, clinical nurse specialists and staff nurses, the majority of which are all trained in the children's nursing specialty. The support team consists of play leaders, health care assistants and housekeepers. The medical and nursing teams work in collaboration with dietitians, physiotherapists, psychologists and occupational therapists. Children who are admitted to Ward 2 are usually cared for by a surgical team; this includes the general surgery team, plastic surgery team, ear nose and throat team, orthopaedic team, ophthalmology team, maxillo-facial team or the community dental team. The whole service is supported by the management team, along with the administrative team which includes medical secretaries and support staff.

The Children's Services Directorate incorporates the Neonatal Service, please refer to their website/department for further information.

The team

Child Development/Community Paediatricians - Consultants
Dr S Yeung Child Development Centre
Dr K Wildig Child Development Centre
Dr N Wood Child Development Centre
Dr H Webb Child Development Centre/Community
Dr N Symons Community Paediatrician
Dr V Phatak Community Paediatrician with an interest in Audiology
Dr A Jackson Community Paediatrician
Dr N Al Kabur Community Paediatrician
Dr J Imreh Associate Specialist, Community Paediatrics

General Paediatricians Consultants
Dr R Bardgett
Dr S Frazer
Dr D Ginbey
Dr S Gorman
Dr M Mathai
Dr R Skelton
Dr K Haslam
Dr S Pollard
Dr E Moya
Dr A Shenoy
Dr H Jepps
Dr J Sims
Dr M Huddart

Specialist clinics are held for the following groups of patients by the Bradford paediatricians:
Cystic Fibrosis
Metabolic Disease
Haematological Disorders
Metabolic Disease (this is a service provided by visiting consultants from Manchester)

We also hold clinics which are supported by visiting consultants from other hospitals in the following areas:
Paediatric Surgery
Cleft Lip and Palate

Clinical Nurse Specialists
The department has an outreach/specialist nursing team. The specialist nursing teams provide supervisory care for children with a wide range of problems liaising closely with the medical staff.

Specialist nursing services are provided in the following areas:
Cystic Fibrosis and PCD (Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia)
Blood Disorders
Metabolic Disease
Palliative Care
Child Development
Surgical conditions

Directorate Management Team
Directorate Manager for Children's and Neonatal Services - Diane Daley
Head of Nursing for Children's and Neonatal Services - Kay Rushforth
Matron for Children's and Neonatal Services - Sarah Szpara
Matron for Community and Specialist Services - Denise Stewart
Contact can be made with the above via Caroline Guy - PA for Children's Services on 01274364264

The Paediatric Service has a very active research team who work with the team in advancing practice with participation in many clinical trials.

Feedback, complaints and compliments

Standard information for all services linking to PALS.

Contact us

Phone number for reception/secretaries (and details of corresponding consultants).

Translators and interpreters

Details of how to book an interpreter when needed.


Instruct patients to bring any current medication with them.