Our Clinical Service Strategy

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Our Clinical Service Strategy sets out a clear roadmap for clinical services at Bradford Teaching Hospitals over the next five years.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare at all times. For that reason, we have shaped our strategy around four themes: high quality care, research-led care and learning, collaborative hospital care and connected local care. These themes help describe not just how we will improve the clinical services we offer, but also illustrate the sort of organisation we intend to be, and how we will innovate, improve and work with our partners.

We have done a great deal of work already to look at all of our clinical specialties. One of the most important outcomes to emerge is that we are part of a bigger system, and we need to find ways to work in partnership. In the past it was expected that we should act alone, but this model is outdated and must change. Across the NHS, acute hospitals like ours are having to rethink their role and operate as part of a team.

Modern healthcare demands collaborative working, multi-disciplinary teams, and a breaking down of old boundaries. Providers who do not do this will struggle to maintain viable services for their patients, because they will not be able to meet the multiple challenges of recruiting and retaining enough skilled people, the need to deliver national standards, the difficulty of balancing planned and urgent work, and satisfying ever-increasing demand.

At Bradford Teaching Hospitals we see this as a challenge we are well-placed to meet. We are one of only two teaching hospital trusts in West Yorkshire; this offers us a significant opportunity to spearhead the modernisation of the local NHS.

We look forward to working with our partners in the Bradford health, care and support system, and other acute providers in West Yorkshire, to ensure the very best services for the population we serve.

Our refreshed Clinical Service Strategy signals the start of that journey and underpins the Trust’s five-year integrated business plan and annual planning. It sets out how we will achieve our vision, values and strategic aims by sustaining safe, effective patient care. It will also help us ensure clinical, financial and operational sustainability of our services for our patients.

Mel Pickup
Chief Executive Officer