Shortlisting for Team and Employee of the Year Awards 2019

Help your colleagues shine at our Brilliant Bradford awards

Voting is now open for our Brilliant Bradford Staff Awards 2019! This year we’re doing things differently by giving you the chance to decide the shortlist for Team of the Year and Employee of the Year. The short videos below are testimonies from the people who nominated our monthly winners. After voting closes on 11 November, the 10 finalists from each category will be shortlisted down to five, based on your votes, and our judging panel will choose the overall winners. Please vote now for your top five Teams and top five Employees of the Year at the bottom of this page.

Nominees - Team of the Year 2019

November 2018 - The ACE Service


“Between December 2017 and October 2018 the ACE service took 241 referrals and saved 257 bed days with no adverse events. It has resulted in better integration of acute and community paediatric services, and reduced avoidable A&E attendances and non-elective admissions.”

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December 2018 - Occupational Health team

December 2018 Team of Month OH

“Alongside the daily assessment and advice to staff and managers, the Occupational Health team has also worked on the flu campaign, DSE training, and resilience and self-care workshops… while receiving excellent feedback from staff and managers.”

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January 2019 - Diabetes Dietitian team

January Team of the Month Diabetes Dietitians (3)

“Despite the uncertainty of a district-wide diabetes service review and staff vacancies, the Diabetes Dietitian team remain enthusiastic and committed  to delivering a quality dietetic service. The team has covered for three vacancies without question and continue to do so.”

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February 2019 - Pharmacy Stores team

February Team of Month Pharmacy Stores

“The Pharmacy Stores team support all BTHFT sites, in addition to supporting BDCT and some hospices. Often unseen and hidden from the spotlight, they ensure medicines are where they need to be across our Trust when they need to be there.”

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March 2019 - Ward 17 - Care of the Elderly team


“I want to nominate the whole Winter Ward (Ward 17) nursing team for this award because they have been a pleasure to work with, they have embraced every challenge thrown at them with success, and they have developed new skills and met new challenges.”

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April 2019 - e-Rostering, Locum Booking and Nurse Bank teams (Flexible Workforce)

April team of the month 1

“All three teams have pulled together over the last three years to improve rosters and bank workers’ experience, increase recruitment to our internal nurse bank by over 30 per cent, and reduce reliance on agency workers and our annual agency spend by £9.4 million. I am extremely proud of their hard work, passion and dedication.”

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May 2019 - Maternity Communication Group

May Team of the Month Maternity Communications Group

“The Maternity Communication Group is making a significant difference not only to the Trust and our staff, but also to our service users. The group now produces a quarterly newsletter as well as visual monthly birth statistics which are published and talked about on social media, and gained praise from the CQC.”

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June 2019 - Ward 14, Urology

Team of the Month: Ward 14 Urology

“Patients know when they are expected to go home and discharge plans are initiated during their stay to prevent delays. The staff on Ward 14 have worked really hard to ensure that this is sustained and are also promoting the use of the discharge lounge to ensure they create beds for the high numbers of elective admissions.”

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July 2019 - Dermatology team

Dermatology, Team of the Month in July 2019

“Specifically, through hard work, good-will and dedication the Dermatology team has managed to bring the referral-to-treatment (RTT) waiting list down from 2,400 patients to 925. RTT performance improved from 75 per cent in October 2018 to 90 per cent in June 2019.”

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August 2019 - Ward 4, Medical Admissions Unit (MAU)

August 2019 Team of the Month: Ward 4

“The ward provided outstanding care for two patients approaching the end of their lives. One patient was given a prognosis of days and within hours the ward staff arranged for him and his girlfriend to be married on the ward. The ward also supported another patient who wanted to die at home, working with other teams to ensure he was discharged with the relevant care package.

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September 2019 - Ward 5, Day Surgery

Ward 5 - Team of the Month for September 2019

“The ward has recently re-launched in order to strive for excellence in patient care, safety, experience and flow. Successful initiatives set up by the ward include allocating a member of staff to give pre-meds and bloods, helping to improve start times in theatres, and improving care for patients with a cognitive impairment.”

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Nominees - Employee of the Year 2019

November 2018 - Shabana Yasin, Ward Clerk for wards 30/32

Shabana Yasin receives the November Employee of the Month Award from Paediatrics Matron Ruth Tolley

“Shabana is our ward clerk and she has the most amazing manner with her colleagues and the families on the unit. Nothing is too much trouble and she regularly goes over and above her role to help us, making beds, drinks and food for patients and running errands all over the hospital. We don’t know what we would do without her.”

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December 2018 - Shah Muhammad, Data Warehouse Support Manager

Shah Muhammad receives his award from Director of HR, Pat Campbell

“Shah goes above and beyond for everyone who needs help. He is exceptionally good at managing the data warehouse in terms of his technical skills and is a fair and professional manager, constantly encouraging us to build on existing and learn new skills. This instills loyalty in his staff and makes the working environment pleasant and dynamic.”

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January 2019 - Sabina Akhtar, Hyper Acute Stroke Unit Lead Sister

Sabina Akhta Jan 2019 Employee of the Month

“Sabina is a newly appointed HASU lead sister. In October, while new in post, our ward manager left leaving Sabina to cover the ward and HASU – a total of 35 patients. Sabina stepped up into both roles and has been fantastic supporting staff while maintaining patient safety and improving the unit’s rating from an E to a B.”

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February 2019 - Zsanett Kowal, Child Development Service

Employee of the Month award winner Zsanett Kowal receives her award from Pat Campbell, Director of HR

“Zsanett adapts her approach to the needs of each intern. She is very patient, striving for accuracy and high-quality work, which helps interns to acquire and enhance their skills, and progress towards their goal of securing paid employment. An impressive 80 per cent of the graduates Zsanett has mentored have consequently found paid employment.”

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March 2019 - Jacky Rivers, Therapy Assistant Practitioner and Denise Rhodes, Trainee Therapy Assistant (both from our Respiratory Physiotherapy team)

March 2019 Employees of the Month Jacky Rivers and Denise Rhodes

“Jacky and Denise have been helping one particular gentleman, who has been in hospital since April 2018. They promote a holistic approach – and took his shoes home to mend as he had no other footwear; organised his first shower in nine months; and much more. They consistently aim to personalise and humanise this gentleman’s prolonged hospital stay.”

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April 2019 - Steve Anderson, ICU Professional and Practice Development Nurse

April 2019 Employee of the Month, Steven Anderson

“Stephen is a shining example of someone who puts his heart and his soul into his role, making himself available for others. He made a massive contribution to the flu campaign, administering hundreds of vaccines to colleagues and also made himself available for questions about flu. He was instrumental in BTHFT achieving the CQUIN target.”

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May 2019 - Sister Paula Farrell, from Radiology

Employee of the Month May Paula Farrell

“Paula and a small team of nurses and radiographers were integral to setting up the nurse/radiographer-led PICC line insertion service under ultrasound guidance to release radiologists to perform more complex procedures. She has also engaged in quality improvement work and worked tirelessly with BTHFT Charity to improve and plan facilities for children and young people.”

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June 2019 - Liz Sunderland, Receptionist, Diabetes and Endocrinology

Employee of Month June 2019 Liz Sunderland from Diabetes and Endocrinology

“Liz has been our receptionist in the Diabetes and Endocrine Department for many years. Her people skills are second-to-none and she handles all situations with great ease and extreme expertise. She shows pride in her job, displays loyalty and honesty, welcomes new ideas and strategies, is open to change and goes over and above what is expected of her.”

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July 2019 - Lisa Smith, Play Specialist, Children’s Community team

July 2019 Employee of the Month Lisa Smith receives her award from Pat Campbell, Director of HR

“Lisa’s role is to ensure families who have children who are terminally ill or have life-limiting conditions are able to make lasting memories of their lives together. She contacts families and facilitates all aspects of memory making and ensures that the child’s family are able to make memories that offer comfort long after their passing.”

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August 2019 - Sandra Wood, Lead Radiographer

August 2019 Employee of the Month: Sandra Wood, receives her award from Pat Campbell, Director of HR

“Sandy has recently been appointed plain film team leader in Radiology after coming back to the trust after retirement. She has a true passion for her job and all staff and patients. She is such a happy, bubbly person who lifts everyone’s spirits and is a true support and listening ear to everyone, nothing is too much for her.”

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September 2019 - Charlene Brown, Plaster Room Technician

Employee of Month September 2019, Charlene Brown

“Although Charlene is a newly qualified plaster technician in our team, she has already used her enthusiasm and professional qualifications to benefit patient experience. Charlene is proud of the work she has accomplished in such a short period of time and is now motivating staff on the implications of beginning a feedback audit within the unit.”

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