Team of the Month

June’s Team of the Month has proved that embracing new challenges can pay dividends – so many congratulations to Ward 14 Urology!

Ward 14 was chosen to be one of the pilot wards for the re-launch of the SAFER principles, Red2Green initiative.

SAFER is a practical tool to reduce delays for patients in adult inpatient wards (excluding maternity).

The ward was nominated by Joanne Taylor, Matron, Urinary Tract and Vascular, who said: “The Senior Sister has engaged all of the staff on the ward, including the medical staff, which is key to the success of this initiative.

“Both Nursing and medical staff are all thinking and working differently to ensure patients are  aware of their treatment plan and are updated throughout their stay.

“Patients know when they are expected to go home, and discharge plans can be initiated during their stay to prevent delays and ensure patients are discharged home in a timely and safe way.

“The staff on ward 14 have worked really hard to ensure that this is sustained and they are promoting the use of the discharge lounge to ensure they create beds ready for the high numbers of elective admissions.

Team of the Month: Ward 14 Urology

“Ward 14 are one of the exemplar wards for the Red2Green initiative and this has now become business as usual. The ward sister is also a buddy to some other allocated ward areas and has been visiting those areas to support them in the rollout of the programme.

“The team on ward 14 are extremely enthusiastic about the whole initiative and this has had a massive impact on improved patient experience – as well as length of stay for patients.”

Well done to ward 14 for their dedication and innovation!

Employee of the Month - June 2019

Employee of Month June 2019 Liz Sunderland from Diabetes and Endocrinology
June 2019's Employee of the Month, Liz Sunderland, from Diabetes and Endocrinology with Endocrine Specialist Nurse, Dianne Wright

Always calm under pressure, with people skills second to none – meet our latest Employee of the Month, Liz Sunderland, from the Diabetes and Endocrinology department.

Liz has been described as ‘the face’ of the department as she is the first person that patients, relatives and staff meeting on entering the unit.

As the department’s receptionist for many years, Liz is well-known to everyone there and does a sterling job.

Endocrine Specialist Nurse, Dianne Wright, nominated Liz for June’s award, and couldn’t have praised her more for everything she does.

“Liz is a very special receptionist – extremely reliable, dependable and adaptable. She shows pride in her job, displays loyalty and honesty, welcomes new ideas and strategies, and is open to change,” said Dianne.

“Her organisational skills are outstanding. She has a systematic method of planning, distinguishing between productive and non-productive tasks and gets ‘the job’ done even with frequent interruptions.

“I would personally like to thank Liz for the enthusiasm and expertise that she brings to our team. She goes over and above what is expected of her and is always willing to help the staff – she’s a huge asset to our department as a whole.”

Liz said she was thrilled to be nominated, let alone win!

“I just love working here: we’re a special unit and it’s such a lovely team. We really get to know our patients too as many come for regular outpatient appointments, so it’s nice for all of us.”