Team of the Month - January 2019

Congratulations to January’s Team of the Month – our dedicated Diabetes Dietitian Team.

Chief Executive Professor Clive Kay travelled to St Luke’s Hospital to present the award to the team, who had been picked out for the accolade by Highly Specialist Diabetes Dietitian and Team Leader, Ruth Boocock.

Ruth has now left the Trust but, before she moved on to pastures new, she wanted to recognise the contribution the team makes.

She said: “It has been a privilege to lead this team of 14 dietitians over the past nine years. They are a mixed bunch with as many as five generations working together. Despite the uncertainty of a district-wide diabetes service review and staff vacancies, they remain enthusiastic and committed to delivering a quality dietetic service.

“Throughout 2018 the team has picked up cover for up to three vacancies without question and continue to do so. Every week they have additional clinical work to absorb into already busy planners. In addition, annual leave cover has to be accommodated.

“What is also really impressive is how they look after one another. For example, if someone has a really busy week, a colleague will offer to lighten their load.

The Diabetes Dietitian Team - Team of the Month for January 2019
The Diabetes Dietitian Team - Team of the Month for January 2019

“I admire the team initiative. They have set up their own WhatsApp group which they use to further support one another. Finally, they are outcome-focused, evidencing how their work and dedication positively impacts Bradford patient experience, quality of life and self-efficacy. Behind every Learning Excellence award winner is a strong team!”

We would like to echo Ruth’s sentiments and congratulate the team on their deserved success. We’d also like to mention members of the award-winning team who were not able to be present at the presentation – namely Nicola McConnell and Helen Matebele, Team Leads; Katie Weatherby, Ayesha Shaikh and Samantha Williams.

Employee of the Month - January 2019

Sabina Akhta Jan 2019 Employee of the Month
January 2019's Employee of the Month - Sabina Akhtar

We are fortunate to have a large number of staff who go the extra mile to support patients and colleagues.

But January’s winner of our Employee of the Month award deserves extra credit for the exceptional dedication she has shown to caring for patients on ward 6 – our Hyper Acute Stroke Unit (HASU).

Sabina Akhtar was only appointed the HASU’s Lead Sister in October last year, yet soon after she was asked to step into the ward manager’s shoes when they moved on, leaving her in charge of the unit and 35 patients.

She was nominated by Sister Aleeza Khan, who is also based on ward 6, and said: “Sabina, who lacks self-confidence, stepped up into both roles and has been fantastic!

“She has supported staff, maintained patient safety and led the improvement of our stroke data rating from an E to a B.

“She is a real asset to the ward as well as being a hard-working individual.

“Sabina has worked on the Stroke Unit for many years. She started off as a staff nurse, transitioned to a junior sister and is now the Hyper Acute Stroke Unit lead. She has done extremely well and I am proud of her; she is a supportive colleague as well as a team player. Well done Sabina, the unit is very proud of you!”

On being presented with the award, Sabina told Let’s Talk: “I am extremely honoured to receive such an important award. I have faced several challenges on my way here and each one of them has strengthened me to make me the person I am today.

“I’d like to thank my team on ward 6 for their hard work.”

Congratulations to Sabina and the whole HASU team on your recent success!