Team of the Month

SEPTEMBER’S winning Team of the Month has demonstrated how a different approach and style of leadership can bring about changes that in the past may have seemed impossible.

The judging panel was particularly impressed with how a dedicated focus on both patients and staff has led to improvements for all – so many congratulations to our colleagues on Ward 5, our day case ward.

The ward was nominated by Radiology and Day Case Matron, Leah Callighan, who said: “The ward has recently re-launched itself in order to strive for excellence in patient care, safety, experience and flow.”

Leah outlined the new initiatives set up by the ward that have proved a success and her key reasons for the nomination.

She said: “This has included allocating one member of staff to give pre-meds and bloods, which has helped to improve start times in theatres.

“Staff have also changed their working times so patients can come in at 7am instead of 7.30am, and again this is helping to improve theatre start times as there are now minimal delays in getting patients prepped for surgery.

“Staff have also started giving oral paracetamol instead of IV – this is having the same effects but making a large contribution to our cost improvement programme (CIP.)

Ward 5 - Team of the Month for September 2019
Ward 5 - Team of the Month for September 2019

“The response to the Friends and Family Test (FFT) has improved by 30 per cent over the past two months and a large number of additional questions have been added to seek wider feedback with comments displayed on the notice board for staff, visitors and patients to read.

“Two Band 5 Staff Nurses posts have been developed into Substantive Band 5 posts and staff are undertaking QI training. The ward has also looked to the John’s campaign (a campaign for the right to stay with people with dementia in hospital) to introduce open visiting for patients with cognitive impairment as well as improving the care of patients with cognitive impairment.

“Finally staff are now ensuring they are meeting the particular needs of children and escalating any concerns.”

All of which makes this award truly well deserved!

Employee of the Month - September 2019

Charlene Brown - Employee of the Month for September 2019 - receives her award from Chief Nurse, Karen Dawber
Charlene Brown - Employee of the Month for September 2019 - receives her award from Chief Nurse, Karen Dawber

HAVING a vision and then putting it into practice for the benefit of our patients is truly worthy of recognition – and that’s exactly why Charlene Brown deserves to be September’s Employee of the Month.

Charlene, a newly-qualified plaster technician, was jointly nominated by Tammy Bingham, a Sister in our Plastic Trauma Unit, and Orthopaedics Sister, Yasmin Bi.

Tammy said: “Six months ago, Charlene had a vision of how to improve pressure damage in a cast and cast care. As a result, she has developed the cast care compass, which identifies patients who are at risk from pressure damage.

“The information is explained in a booklet as well as by a visual aid so the patient or carer can easily understand and identify their treatment plan. This aims to reduce the likelihood of pressure damage when a patient has been fitted with a cast.

“Throughout the process, Charlene has welcomed feedback from other specialists and professionals in order to devise an holistic approach with the cast care compass.”

Yasmin added: “Charlene is rightly proud of the work she has accomplished in such a short period of time and is motivating staff regarding patient feedback within the unit, and bringing primary and secondary care together to enable the best treatment and care for the patients.

“As a newly-qualified technician, she has already shown her enthusiasm and professionalism to benefit patient experience.”