What we do

The Interpreting Service supports all Bradford Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust staff in hospital and community settings to effectively communicate with patients and carers who are unable to speak and/or understand English and deaf patients and carers who use British Sign Language.

Interpreters are used in a variety of situations:

  •  To obtain a medical history from a patient and obtain information about the current problem, including symptoms and the impact of the symptoms.
  • To discuss diagnosis and treatment options.
  • To obtain consent from a patient for any treatment or procedure.
  • Delivering bad news.
  • Any occasion when significant information needs to be conveyed to a patient who does not speak English. (‘Significant’ would refer to any information about changes to treatment or changes in symptoms, and for review meetings.).


We provide the following services to Foundation Trust staff and departments:

  • Face-to-face interpreting
  • British Sign Language interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Video interpreting
  • Translation
  • Braille
  • Advice

Service statistics

Service statistics
The Interpreting Service met over 39,000 requests for services in the financial year 2016/17. Services were provided in over 50 different languages.

The top 10 languages requested throughout the year were:

  • Urdu/Punjabi
  • Czech/Slovak
  • Polish
  • Bengali
  • Arabic
  • Hungarian
  • Pushto
  • British Sign Language
  • Russian

Contact details

To contact us for appointment queries please call 01274 274274.

Opening times

Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.00

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Our talented and compassionate staff help care for a diverse population, which is what makes Bradford such a special place to work. Choosing the right people is key to our success. If you think you’ve got what it takes, please contact us by email at careers@bthft.nhs.uk to discover more about our latest opportunities.