What we do

We specialise in the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases. We aim to give holistic care, and unlike many branches of medicine we are not limited to one organ system or type of illness.

Inpatient care

In addition to managing our own patients, we offer a daily referral and infection advice service for patients who are under the care of other specialties.

During the working day we support the microbiology service in communicating significant microbiology results to clinical teams and providing antibiotic advice. One consultant, Dr Omar Rahama, works jointly for the Microbiology department and Infectious Diseases. Dr Sulman Hasnie works full-time in Microbiology. We provide an on-call microbiology infection advice service in partnership with Airedale Hospital.

We work alongside the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) team to provide input into infection guidance that is distributed across the Trust, support for sepsis initiatives, and preparedness for clinical care for influenza, serious incidents (bioterrorism) and other highly transmissible infections. Other work includes writing hospital antimicrobial guidelines and investigating infection incidents within the Trust.

We have a weekly multi-disciplinary team meeting (Wednesday lunchtime) where we discuss complex problems.

Outpatient clinics

We work closely with genito-urinary medicine specialists, Dr Sophie Brady and Dr Nicola Fearnley to provide an integrated outpatient HIV service, held at Trinity @St Luke’s. Our team includes HIV nurse specialists, a pharmacist and a clinical psychologist.

HIV clinics are held every day at St Luke’s Hospital. We hold HIV multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meetings every Thursday at which complex cases are discussed. Our MDT extends to other disciplines including Obstetrics, Midwifery and Paediatrics to discuss pregnant patients, and Hepatology to review cases of HIV and hepatitis co-infection.

Referrals and clinical enquires can be made direct to the clinic by telephone on 01274 365088 or by secure email at bth.hivclinic@nhs.net.

Patients with a range of conditions are seen in general clinics on Monday and Friday afternoons. They may have been referred by their GP, by other specialists or be people who have recently been discharged from hospital. If you are given an appointment at our clinic, do not worry about catching an infectious disease. We are very careful to ensure that there is no infection risk in our waiting rooms.

We run an outpatient parenteral antibiotics service (OHPAT) which enables patients to receive intravenous antibiotics whilst at home. Common diagnoses include bone and joint infections, abscesses and cellulitis. We accept referrals from other hospitals if the patient’s home address falls within our geographical catchment area.

Some of our consultants work in the Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU) and we are able to use the clinic rooms on ACU to see people who need an urgent review. GPs can make urgent referrals by speaking to a consultant directly by phone via switchboard or by contacting our office. We can often see patients within one working day if deemed necessary.

The department does not offer private healthcare and none of our consultants practice in the private sector.

Research and education

We have an active Infection Research Team. We have several national and international research studies up and running. Our aim is to ensure that high quality research can be offered to all who wish to be involved and delivered by compassionate and knowledgeable staff, providing patients with a high quality, professional and ethical research experience.

If you are a patient, you may be approached by our research team and asked to participate in a study.

Our nurses and consultants are dedicated to training other healthcare professionals. We regularly host student nurses, medical students and physician associate students on ward 7. Our team was proud to be shortlisted for the Student Nursing Times Awards – Student Placement of the Year – in 2018.

Every Tuesday we deliver a half-day seminar for final-year medical students covering a range of core infection topics. We have always been pleased to receive positive feedback from our students. Dr Amy Robinson and Dr Riccardo Giuntini are both involved in supporting medical education activities in the hospital.

The research team can be contacted on 01274 276361/383721.

Conditions treated

We care for patients with:

  • TB, including drug resistant TB
  • MRSA, C.difficile, ESBL, VRE and other resistant nosocomial infections
  • Serious community-acquired infections (such as meningitis)
  • HIV
  • Imported infections, such as malaria
  • Patients with infections requiring complex or extended treatment
  • Fever of unknown origin
  • Soft tissue infections
  • Bone and joint infections (in partnership with orthopaedic surgery)
  • Organ-specific infections, such an endocarditis or pulmonary aspergillosis (often in conjunction with the organ specialist).

Service statistics

Waiting times vary according to clinical need but we hope to see outpatient referrals within four weeks. We can organise urgent reviews (within 24 hours) where indicated. 

Patient information leaflets

Interested in joining our team?

Our talented and compassionate staff help care for a diverse population, making Bradford a special place to work. Choosing the right people is key to our success.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join us, please email careers@bthft.nhs.uk to discover more about our latest opportunities.

Who we are


  Specialist Interest
Dr Sophie Brady HIV outpatient treatment. Also sexual health via Howard House (not a BTHFT service)
Dr Nicola Fearnley HIV outpatient treatment. Also sexual health via Howard House (not a BTHFT service)
Dr Omar Rahama Infectious disease and microbiology
Dr Sulman Hasnie Microbiology (Bacteriology), Nosocomial infection, antibiotic resistance and susceptibility testing
Dr Joanna Glascodine
Dr Alina Negut

Other staff

Alison Haigh Lead infection pharmacist
Simon Corcos HIV clinical nurse specialist
Mary Oresi HIV nurse specialist
Jackie Todd Lead research nurse, infection research team
Kieron Sharkey Advanced Nurse Specialist HIV service
Tracey McLoughlin OPHAT coordinator, Medical Secretary
Amanda Brown Team manager

Contact details

Infectious Diseases Department
Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
West Yorkshire

Patient enquiries
Patient enquiries are handled by our Senior Medical Secretary, Tracey McLoughlin, on:
Telephone: 01274 382248

Clinical enquiries
Telephone: 01274 382248

Our consultants are contactable via switchboard during working hours, Monday to Friday. We do not currently offer a 24-hour infectious diseases advice service. Microbiological advice should be sought from the duty microbiologist via switchboard.

Research team
Telephone: 01274 276361/383721

HIV Service
Trinity@St Luke’s
St Luke’s Hospital
Little Horton Lane
Telephone: 01274 365088.


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