Research Sister

Research Sister Samina Ashraf helps deliver Bradford Teaching Hospitals’ internationally-renowned Born in Bradford programme.

Bradford is the sixth largest city in the UK, with a multi-ethnic population of more than 500,000 people. However, it suffers from high levels of deprivation and has some of the highest rates of childhood illness in the United Kingdom.

Born in Bradford is helping to unravel the reasons for this ill health and bring new scientific discovery to the world. It is also providing a catalyst for communities to work with the NHS and local authority to improve child health and wellbeing.

Samina, a nurse at the Trust for the past 25 years, is delighted to be part of it.

“I love my job – I enjoy helping to change the world! It’s about finding new ways to help people combat illness. We now have medication for Alzheimer’s, which was developed through research. We have new medicine for COVID now too, which was delivered through research.

“Research matters and I would encourage colleagues or potential trial volunteers to get involved!

Research means progress

“Nothing in this world is successfully accomplished without research. Research means progress.”

Samina was previously an A&E nurse at BRI, and recently took part in the COVID vaccination programme while also helping to deliver coronavirus antibody clinics for children.

She added her role was also about making people understand the impact clinical research can have on people’s lives.

“It’s about trying to make people understand how important it is and get them to see the bigger picture and how that can change through research.

Research Sister Samina Ashraf
Research Sister Samina Ashraf

“When we are recruiting people that can be the hard bit – making them understand why it’s so important. Recruitment is also more challenging now with COVID.

“But campaigns like #Red4Research are fantastic at highlighting why it matters so much. And the profile of research has also been raised significantly recently by the COVID studies that have taken place around the country, including here in Bradford.”


Born in Bradford’s latest project, ‘BiB Breathes’, is all about pollution. Help us by filling in a survey.

If you are not part of the BiB cohort, and didn’t sign up to the project during pregnancy between 2007-2011, please complete the survey here.

“Research is vital,” added Samina. “If you get the chance, get involved!”