I have worked at the trust for 14 years as a qualified nurse and I gained my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in the Philippines in 1993. You will know me as the friendly face and voice of the PPE hub. Over the last 3 years I have been advocating and advising my fellow nurses and other staff during the pandemic and I will continue to be staff’s voice. I will provide a channel for open communication between staff and the Board and strive to be heard in a timely manner. I will be visible and shall visit workplace for informal discussions as and when necessary. My fierce passion and care for patients and staff is the main reason why I want to represent Nursing and Midwifery staff constituency.

I run marathons for Stroke and Cancer charity and I was awarded the Guinness World Records title for taking part in remote marathon. I am waiting to run the London Marathon for BTHFT charity. I volunteered in the Covid vaccination program and extended to work as Vaccine supervisor in the community.