Advanced Clinical Practitioner

From fixing cars to fixing people, Phil Crossley’s career has shifted up a gear since joining the nursing team in Bradford.

Phil started his working life as a mechanic, but when he decided to look for a new challenge he turned to Bradford Teaching Hospitals for his first steps.

“I went to night school to gain qualifications to become a nurse while working as a care assistant, and then completed my nurse training at Bradford.  From that moment, I knew I wanted to work at the Trust.”

Phil started out as a general nurse and progressed to charge nurse, working in lots of different departments in the surgical division, building his skills and gaining broad experience.

Crucial link

He’s now an Advanced Clinical Practitioner, providing a crucial link between medical and nursing colleagues, managing a team and providing hands-on nursing care for patients.

“The Trust supported me to do a three-year Masters course, including time out for study and financial support. It was a great opportunity to advance my skills and play a bigger role in patient care,” he added.

“Bradford Royal Infirmary is a special place, and I’m proud to work here. I never believed I’d go from fixing cars to fixing people, but I’ve been supported all the way.”

Phil Crossley

Ambitious nurses can progress at Bradford Teaching Hospitals, and the Trust actively supports nursing career development, providing the support, training and opportunities to specialise and advance.

Whatever your aspirations as a nurse, the Trust is a great place to make your next move.