Qualifications: MB ChB (University of Sheffield), FRCP (Royal College of Physicians London), Dip GUM, Dip HIV, DSFRH

Nicola was educated in Newcastle and studied medicine at the University of Sheffield. She completed training in Genitourinary Medicine in Leeds and has worked as a consultant in Bradford since 2008.

In addition to her work within the HIV service, she is also employed in the Bradford Sexual Health service which is now delivered by Locala CIC.

She is actively involved in undergraduate education and is an honorary lecturer in the School of Medicine, Leeds Institute of Medical Education. She is also an STI Foundation course director and competency trainer.

She is a member of the West Yorkshire HIV Network steering group and chairs Bradford HIV multidisciplinary team meetings.

She was a founding member of the BTHFT infection research team and is principal investigator on a number of HIV and STI related studies.

Clinical interests: HIV prevention and testing, complex antiretroviral therapy, HIV obstetric care

Professional memberships: Royal College of Physicians (London), British HIV Association, British Association of Sexual Health and HIV, Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare

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