A&E Staff Nurse

Naomi Lees, a staff nurse in our Accident and Emergency Department, returned home to Bradford to launch her career in nursing, and found a new family.

“When I was younger – like many little girls – I wanted to be a ballerina, but thought that nursing was probably a more secure career.” says Naomi.

“I trained in Manchester, but returned to my family home in Bradford for my first job as a qualified nurse.”

Her career got off to a flying start in the Trust’s A&E Department, where she has embraced the steep learning curve that comes with the diverse range of patients the unit sees every day.

Fantastic place

“A&E in Bradford is a fantastic place for a new nurse. It’s busy, we see a lot of different people with all kinds of conditions and you learn a lot quickly.

“I’ve been given so much support including lots of training and experience in different areas of practice, including mental health, paediatrics and phlebotomy.

It can be daunting when you start out, but the team are friendly, supportive and happy to help – so I never feel alone.”

Naomi has embraced her career with the Trust and says she would recommend Bradford Teaching Hospitals to anyone.

Naomi Lees

“We’re like one big family here – we work together and even socialise together. We’re a close supportive team and I wouldn’t have wanted to start out anywhere else.”

Bradford Teaching Hospitals is the perfect place to embark on your nursing career.  We offer a challenging and supportive environment which offers newly-qualified staff the chance to gain experience and decide which areas they’d like to specialise in.

The Trust’s family atmosphere also makes it a special place to work, thanks to colleagues who really care about you and your growth.