I have a degree in Photographic Science from Westminster University which kick-started my interest in medical photography.

From there I started a trainee medical photography position at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in 2009, where I learnt a varied skill-set including clinical and non-clinical photography, video production, diabetic retinopathy screening, theatre photography and video, pre and post-operative photography and many other areas. I also gained a strong interest and enjoyment in video production during my time at Leeds Medical Illustration department.

As part of my trainee position, I gained a Level 3 Diploma in Diabetic Retinopathy Screening alongside a Merit Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Photography.

Now working in Bradford Teaching Hospitals as a Senior Clinical Photographer, I am able to bring experience to the role while gaining training and insight into the internationally renowned research work that is carried out at Bradford.

I am registered on the Academy for Healthcare Science register as a qualified Medical Illustration practitioner and am an award-winning photographer within the Institute of Medical Illustrators.