Matron/Lead Nurse - Endoscopy

Name: Jeanne Poblacion

Job title: Matron/Lead Nurse, Endoscopy

Age: 49

Nation of birth: The Philippines

Qualifications: Fully qualified nurse

Why did you move to Bradford? I was born and qualified as a nurse in the Philippines. But, like all nurses there, I was under-rated and underpaid. I later had three small children but wanted to give them a better future. So when a nursing job came up at a hospital in Saudi Arabia, I took it and the whole family moved over.

We spent five years in Saudi Arabia and I worked with lots of lovely people and gained lots of knowledge. It made me a better person.

In the hospital I worked with a lot of British nationals, including a colleague who had been born in Bradford and kept telling me about how lovely it was. I later found out about a recruitment event in Bahrain which was offering jobs at hospitals in London and Bradford. I went, secured a job here at the Trust and we arrived as a family in Bradford in 2004. I have never regretted it.

How long have you worked at BTHFT for? I’ve worked at the Trust for over 15 years now.

What do you do? I originally worked on the Elderly Unit as a Staff Nurse for nine-and-a-half years before becoming a junior and then senior sister. I’m currently the Matron or Lead Nurse on the Endoscopy ward.

My role is to oversee the admin, nursing and operational side of things. I didn’t foresee myself doing this job but I am very happy. It’s about having a worth ethic and discipline and looking after people – both patients and staff. I can see myself continuing in this role but if another opportunity knocks, I will look at it.

Matron Jeanne Poblacion
Matron Jeanne Poblacion

What do you like about working in Bradford? I love working with my colleagues on the ward and the support I have received from management has also been outstanding. I am proud of what I have achieved. If a member of staff works hard and shows dedication and passion, it’s recognised here. You feel appreciated and I in turn make my staff feel appreciated.

What is different about healthcare in Bradford? The NHS is totally different to healthcare systems elsewhere. There is no such thing as the NHS in the Philippines or Saudi Arabia, where you have to pay. I’ve also experienced the USA’s healthcare system too, but I think the NHS is the best. We have got the best people here and I could not be prouder to say I work for the NHS. And Bradford Teaching Hospitals is a brilliant place to work, although the Yorkshire accent and some of the English phrases did take a bit of getting used to! I’ll never forget my second week on the ward, when an 87-year-old said I need to spend a penny and I replied, ‘You are in hospital, you don’t need to pay!’

What do you plan to do in the future? My husband and I can see ourselves retiring in Bradford. We have a little house we own and we have made friends. We are very happy here and feel we belong. The lifestyle is very laid-back and we love the countryside and the cost of living. Bradford all the way!