Ingrid leads the TB nursing team at Bradford, working closely with Respiratory Medicine, our Infectious Disease consultants, and Public Health England.

Her key responsibilities include:

  • Supporting healthcare professionals to achieve a prompt diagnosis and avoid delays in any required treatment
  • Supporting patients who are being investigated for TB and latent tubercolosis infection (LTBI) or being treated for TB and LTBI
  • Supporting the education of healthcare staff and the general public health about TB
  • Identifying TB outbreaks alongside Public Health England

Once a diagnosis has been made, we ensure patients are given the correct medication and offer support to them and their families and carers to prevent lapses in treatment.

We screen family and friends and other contacts who have been identified as being at risk following exposure to TB, and patients with TB are monitored regularly to ensure:

  • No interruptions occur during treatment
  • Serious side-effects from treatment are quickly identified
  • Treatment is not interrupted (Supervised treatment or directly-observed therapy (DOT) must be given because of the risk to the wider population. This involves a nurse visiting the patient at home three times a week and administering their treatment.).

Ingrid said: “The vast majority of TB cases in the UK are curable, and this makes my work satisfying and rewarding.

“I am proud to be a TB clinical nurse specialist and the team at Bradford are more than happy to provide advice to anyone who has any questions about TB, including health professionals and members of the public.

“If you would want to get in touch, please contact the TB Service on 01274 365101.”