Senior Nurse for Quality and Governance

Matron Francesa (Frankie) Hill is a mum-of-two and Senior Nurse for Quality and Governance.

She first started nursing at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in 1999, but took on her first role at Bradford Royal Infirmary a decade before as a catering assistant in the staff dining room while studying at sixth form.

“I have been a matron at the Trust since December 2011, and recently became the Trust’s Senior Nurse for Quality and Governance.

“I love it here – it’s always been a part of my life. My mum was a nurse, my dad was a clinical scientist here, and I was born here too!

“I trained in Sheffield, and then worked as a staff nurse at Mansfield and Airedale hospitals before moving to BRI in 1999, where I worked as a staff nurse and became a ward sister.

“In 2004, I moved to work at the community hospitals in Bradford for seven years where I became a matron and studied for a Masters in Healthcare Studies.

“I moved back to the Trust in 2011. The best part of my job is seeing staff develop and enhance their skills so that they can move forward and provide the best possible care to patients. I like to see nurses progress to the next level. It’s very rewarding. It’s really lovely to see them developing skills on my wards. I feel very proud.

“You have to have those conversations about times when things have not gone quite right and tell people when they need to do something differently, but you can make sure they do things right next time and develop too.

“During a career in nursing you are constantly learning and embracing new challenges and taking in new information. You need to be able to understand and explain treatment to people, and enjoy learning and challenging yourself. You learn from difficult situations all the time.

“As a staff nurse I remember looking after a young man who had become very unwell. He had a young wife and had been diagnosed as being HIV positive.

“None of us had had experience of HIV at that time and we all worked really hard as a team to help and support the family.”

Frankie also enjoys the camaraderie among her fellow matrons.

“I have always had endless and brilliant support from my matron colleagues here. Even on the toughest of days they have the time and compassion to support you in the same way that they do their own staff.

“The conversation never becomes negative and we can also laugh hysterically at some of the things that have happened!”

Frankie is a trustee on Mind Bradford’s board and is keen to progress further in her career, but is in no rush to move away from Bradford.

“I have been fortunate recently to have an opportunity to work as a senior nurse in quality and governance and I am certainly in no rush to move on. I am very happy here.

“Patients don’t just see you as a nurse but as an extension of their family. I have attended christenings, weddings and funerals after becoming entwined in people’s lives.”