I’ve worked in the service as a clinical psychologist since 2007, with people experiencing a range of health conditions or treatment including palliative care, pain, cardiac conditions and surgery. Before that I worked with older adults in a mental health setting. During training as clinical psychologists we work with people across the lifespan and in different physical and emotional health settings.

I now mainly work with people affected by cancer, supporting them to find ways of coping with the stress and emotional impact of cancer and its treatment.

Through talking, my role is to help people to understand their experiences and how they can best support their well-being. I also offer teaching and supervision to other staff working in cancer services, and sometimes other staff as well.

I have also trained to be a mindfulness teacher, which is often part of my individual work with people but also means we can run mindfulness-based courses in our service. Mindfulness and compassion has supported me with my own well-being, and has become a really important part of my life both personally and professionally.

I think the most important thing we do in this job is to create a safe place for people to talk honestly about what they are experiencing. Feeling safe and not judged helps us to recognise what is keeping us stuck, and to think about how we can best look after ourselves. It is a privilege to meet with people in this way and help them to see that they are not alone with the things that they find difficult.

I love being in nature (when the weather is fine!) and my favourite places are the Northumberland beaches. I love to be cosy and warm, am partial to a good box-set binge, and always have a podcast, audiobook or book on the go!