General Manager - Clinical Pathway Lead

Name: Corinne Jeffrey

Job title: General Manager – Clinical Pathway Lead

Age: 54

Nation of birth: Singapore

Qualifications: Registered nurse

Why did you move to Bradford? I was born in Singapore and move to the UK aged 17 to study A-levels and then train as a nurse. I was told that if I trained in the UK, I could work anywhere in the world, as the nurse training in Britain was recognised as the best.

“After training at St James’s I moved to Bradford in September 1994 as a senior sister to set up the Renal Unit here.

“From 2004-06, I left to work for the Workforce Development Confederation, before returning to a management job at Bradford where I’ve been ever since.”

How long have you worked at BTHFT for? It’s been nearly 25 years now – I’m committed to the Trust and this is where I’ll retire from.

What do you do? In the summer of 2017, I became Acting Divisional General Manager for Medicine and Integrated Care and I am currently Acting Deputy Director of Operations. Acting Deputy Director of Operations.

Corinne Jeffrey
Corinne Jeffrey

What do you like about working in Bradford? What has always struck me is that although we are a big organisation, the Trust is still small enough to get to know everyone. If you have a problem you can speak to someone you know who is always willing to help, and staff always strive to do the best possible job for patients.

What is different about healthcare in Bradford? Bradford’s diversity provides great opportunity to care for people with complex healthcare needs.

What do you plan to do in the future? Bradford is my home. I’m retiring from full-time work later this year. I’d like to still work but flexibly so that I can see more of my family in Singapore. But the Trust will always be a part of my life.