I have worked for the NHS since 2003, and my current role within Medical Illustration is as an admin assistant.

My roles and responsibilities include ordering the clinical documents that are sent through the Oracle data procurement system by wards throughout the Trust. I also work closely with the design and print manager updating the catalogue with new codes and changes to make it more user-friendly for our Oracle customers.

I book in and out medical illustration jobs, which include graphic and photography requests. Any printed images are sent to the relevant customer and logged with the department.

I organise deliveries from the printers to medical illustration. When they arrive I book a porter through the EPR system to pick the items up. Once picked up a graphic feedback form is sent to the customer which checks they have received the items and allows them to give feedback, which is all logged.

I also keep the image database updated with in date patient information leaflets.

Once photographic image requests have been printed, I book out the job, and scan the consent forms onto the system under the MID reference number and distribute the images to the relevant customers. Customers can include West Yorkshire Police, Medical Access, or consultants.