Clinical Research Nurse

Akomeno Egbo is proud to be a Clinical Research Nurse at Bradford Royal Infirmary’s Patient Recruitment Centre.

The 35-year-old, originally from Crawley in Sussex, recently joined the Trust to contribute to the fight against coronavirus, after being inspired by the COVID-19 research taking place around the world.

He said: “When I left school the first job I ever did was in research. When things are tough, research is the thing to do.

“I have worked as a ward nurse but, considering the times were are in, I wanted to look at becoming a clinical research nurse. I’m very proud to now work at Bradford, one of the country’s best research units.”

West Yorkshire

Akomeno previously worked as a staff nurse at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, before moving to West Yorkshire in October 2020 to take up his new role.

He is delighted he did so.

“What I have enjoyed the most is that with the Patient Recruitment Centre the research we do can focus on any kind of specialty. And that versatility, the chance to work across all specialisms, is the thing that is fascinating to me.

“I have helped with lots of different studies, but it has been amazing to take part in the Novavax COVID vaccine trial and the COV-Boost study, which is examining the use of seven different COVID-19 vaccines when given as a third dose. I feel very proud to have taken part in them, and they have both been very successful.

“Research nurses are vital for ongoing research and working in this area is very rewarding. You would be amazed at the information we sometimes have to give people. We also get a lot of people phoning up to take part in these trials.”

Akomeno added any NHS staff considering a career in research should go for it, and highlighted the affect the recent Red for Research campaign is likely to have on recruitment.

Akomeno Egbo, Clinical Research Nurse
Akomeno Egbo, Clinical Research Nurse

“When I first read about Red for Research I wanted to support it, and also help highlight the role that I and my fellow research nurses play. Since being here I have been fortunate to contribute to vital studies.

“If you are looking to improve your intellectual capability as a nurse or help improve equipment on the ward, research is the place to be. If you want to help people and fight disease, research is the place to be.

“Nurses are very important in the field of research. If the opportunity to work in research ever comes your way, take it.”