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What we do

Haematology is the study of the blood and bone marrow and the diseases that affect them. Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (BTHFT) delivers both a diagnostic laboratory service (testing of blood specimens) and a clinical haematology service (care for patients with blood disorders).

The haematology team provide care for patients with malignant (cancerous) and non-malignant haematological conditions. It is important to the team that we involve patients and carers in decisions; we provide information to help them make informed choices about treatment and care.

The main malignant haematological conditions treated are leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Much of the treatment required is complex, using chemotherapy and is provided by a team of specialist doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

We work collaboratively with the haematology unit within Airedale NHS Trust as a joint multidisciplinary team discussing and agreeing treatment plans for all new patients diagnosed with haematological cancer. Patients from Airedale requiring intensive and complex therapies are treated on the Bradford Royal Infirmary site.

There is a wide range of non-malignant blood conditions that are managed by the team. There is a particular interest in bleeding disorders such as haemophilia, thrombosis (a tendency to form blood clots) haemoglobinopathies (inherited disorders of red blood cells such as thalassaemia and sickle cell disease), obstetric haematology (blood conditions in pregnancy) and anaemia.

The department has a keen interest in research taking part in many national clinical trials.

The Annette Fox Leukaemia Research Fund has kindly funded substantial developments including expansion of the day care unit, outpatients, creation of the original haematology ward and subsequent refurbishments. We work closely with the fund whose aims include provision of financial assistance to improve the comfort and care of patients with leukaemia and serious blood disorders.


Clinical Haematology Service: Facilities

The clinical haematology service provides outpatient, inpatient and day care for patients with blood disorders at the Bradford Royal infirmary site. Patients who feel unwell or have any worries or questions related to their condition or treatment, are encouraged to contact the haematology unit directly 24-hours a day and are given direct-line contact numbers to support this.


Haematology Outpatient Clinic - Outpatients West

The Haematology / Oncology outpatient department is within Outpatients West at Bradford Royal Infirmary, level one. This dedicated facility was expanded and upgraded in 2011. This has enabled us to run specialist clinics:
Monday - Lymphoma clinic
Tuesday - Haemostasis clinic
Wednesday - Myeloid clinic including nurse-led telephone clinic
Thursday - myeloma and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia / non-malignant / nurse-led bleeding disorder and pharmacy led venous thromboembolism (VTE) clinics
Friday - Anaemia / haemoglobinopathy clinicThe obstetric haematology joint clinic is held in the Women's & Newborn unit on the first and third Friday of the month.All the clinics apart from VTE, nurse-led and obstetric haematology can be accessed electronically via the Choose and Book System.

Many patients have blood taken and analysed prior to their appointment, so that they can be reviewed by the doctor with the results. The relevant treatment and investigations can then be put in place the same day.


Annette Fox Haematology Unit - Ward 7 Day Care Unit

The Day Care unit is the first part of the Annette Fox haematology unit on ward 7 this is located on level one at Bradford Royal infirmary. This unit is staffed by a dedicated team of nurses including a sister, staff nurses, a senior healthcare assistant and a ward clerk.

Many treatment and investigations can be carried out as day case procedures without the need for an overnight stay in hospital. This includes administration of chemotherapy, blood transfusions and specialist blood products such as clotting factors.

The day care unit is open for treatments between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Refreshments and lunch are provided as necessary.

Patients are welcome to bring a relative or friend with them on the day of treatment. However, if the treatment area is busy they may be asked to wait in the waiting room until the unit is quieter.

The unit has wireless internet access. However, safekeeping of any electronic devices is the patients' own responsibility.

Patients receiving treatment are able to contact the Day Unit directly for advice and will be asked to attend for urgent assessment by the doctor following telephone triage by the nursing team.

The team

Medical Staff

The medical team is made up of six consultants (four are based at Bradford, two at Airedale NHS Trust) three specialist registrars, a specialty doctor, a foundation year 2 doctor, core medical trainee doctor and a foundation year 1 doctor. Collectively they provide 24-hour medical care for patients with blood disorders. They also provide specialist advice to the other departments throughout BTHFT and GPs.

Nursing Staff

The nurses working in the Haematology Unit are trained and skilled in providing specialist chemotherapy including the administration of intravenous (through the veins), oral chemotherapy and blood products

The team has four clinical nurse specialists:

Two clinical nurse specialists care for patients with haematological cancers providing support, advice and information for patients and relatives.

One specialist nurse caring for patients with bleeding disorders such as haemophilia or inherited red blood cell disorders (haemoglobinopathy).

One specialist nurse who focuses on preventing thrombosis for patients who are cared for in the trust.

Name Title
Dr Lisa Newton Consultant Haematologist, Clinical Lead for Haematology, Oncology and Palliative Care (lymphoma and obstetric haematology lead)
Dr Sam Ackroyd Consultant Haematologist (Head of haemophilia centre, VTE and myeloid lead)
Dr Adrian Williams Consultant Haematologist, (Head of Haematology Laboratory and CLL lead)
Dr Anshu Garg Consultant Haematologist (myeloma lead)
Dr Ann Cuthbert Consultant Haematologist, Airedale NHS Trust
Dr Chetan Patalappa Consultant Haematologist, Airedale NHS Trust
Helen Johnson Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist
Sally Sharp Annette Fox Clinical Nurse Specialist
Susan Smith Clinical Nurse Specialist in bleeding disorders, haemoglobinopathy
Neil Sugden Charge Nurse and Ward Manager, ward 7
Christine Bottomley Junior Sister ward 7
Diane Buckle Day Unit Sister, ward 7
Carolyn Butterfield Manager of outpatients and day care units/Lead Chemotherapy Nurse
Linda Brooks Paediatric Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist
Sobia Khan Haemoglobinopathy screening counsellor
Pauline Garnett Haemoglobinopathy screening counsellor
Victoria Drew Lead Haematology Research Nurse
Marilyn Tegon Haematology Research Nurse
Raashid Ali Clinical Trials Assistant


Please view a location for further information, including opening and visiting times.

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