BTHFT sends off its trainees in style!

Dr. Mansoor Ali, Alida Towns and Faye Alexander from the Medical Education Department had organised a send-off to BTHFT trainees on the very last day of their rotation before they move on to the next one. The occasion was graced by the presence of our CMO Dr. Ray Smith, Prof Alex Brown, consultants from various department and trainee.

We at BTHFT hoped that our trainees have had a wonderful time with us, having been able to achieve their training competencies and requirements in what has truly been a challenging and difficult year looking after our patients, providing round the clock care during the rise in COVID numbers and trying to adjust to the working environment post pandemic. Dr. Ray Smith had thanked all the trainees for their efforts and wished them good luck in their future endeavors encouraging them to come and work for BTHFT.

We really hope that our trainees had been able to have made a difference to people’s lives, added value to the overall patient care and experience and most importantly felt that at BTHFT we had helped in shaping an important chapter in their training.

Some of our trainees may stay longer but majority will be rotating to experience new adventures elsewhere and we at BTHFT sincerely hope that they would come and work with us again.

Dr. Ali wanted to ensure like previous years, BTHFT recognised its trainees and acknowledged everyone’s contribution and celebrated their accomplishments during these trying and testing times; a small get together had been organised for all to have attended the main BRI foyer opposite Costa today for our colleagues, consultants along with our PG dept. personnel to give our trainees a proper celebratory send off and thank them for all their hard work!

This work would have not been possible without the help and support from colleagues from our postgraduate department mainly Alida Towns and Faye Alexander.

Also, we had asked our trainees to vote for each other or more senior grades in the following categories, i.e. colleagues senior or junior whom they thought had made some impact on their training:

Medicine: going the extra mile award

Dr. Sonia Moteea

Dr.Ismail Sooltan

Medicine: most supportive registrar/senior colleague during oncall shifts

Dr. Sonia Moteea

Dr. Osama Tariq

Dr. Jenny Taylor

Dr. Tom Slater

Surgery: going the extra mile award

Mr. Rizwan Iqbal

Surgery: most supportive registrar/senior colleague during oncall shifts

Umran Sarwar

Mina Mesri

Surgery: Best Educational Supervisor’s award

Mr. Zakir Shariff

Excellence in Compassionate Care


Dr. Ismail Sooltan

Dr. Patrick Reid


Dr. Jiv Gosai

Dr. Jo Glasgodine

Dr. Mansoor N Ali

Best Educational Supervisor’s award

Dr. Robin Jeffrey

Best Clinical Supervisor’s award

Dr. Ahsan Syed

Honourable Mentions

Colleagues who have shown utmost professionalism at all times

Dr. Jon Robinson

Dr. Tom Stokes

BTHFT wishes all its trainees the very best of luck and would like to thank them all for their hard work.

Farewell to medical trainees Dr. Mansoor Ali