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Procurement at BTHFT shall be carried out in accordance with Trust Standard Financial Instructions and the latest EU Directives.

Procurement for the BTHFT (which includes the acquisition of all goods, works and services) must always be undertaken with the objective of securing maximum value for money consistent with acceptable standards of quality and service.

Where no BTHFT agreement is in place we may use framework agreements set up by CCS, SBS, NOE CPC, ESPO, LPP and other agencies.

Selection of Suppliers

BTHFT does not maintain a list of approved or preferred suppliers but there are procedures for selecting suppliers in accordance with BTHFT Standard Financial Instructions.

If you wish to be considered as a potential supplier it is recommended that you register on our current e-portal platform at:


For any assistance in registering or using the Delta e-Sourcing solution contact their helpdesk on 0845 270 7050 or via email at: