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Trust's Key Principles of Safeguarding: Joint Position Statement 2017-19

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (BTHFT) will strive to work with partner agencies to keep adults at risk, and children and young people safe. Being safe from harm is a basic human right. People who are vulnerable may need assistance and advocates to ensure their safety and well-being. Bradford Teaching Hospitals will ensure that there are systems and processes in place to promote the safeguarding and well-being of all patients. In line with the Trust commitment to putting patients first, safeguarding plans will be person-centred/child-focused. Safeguarding truly is everyone’s responsibility.

BTHFT will:

· Identify vulnerable children and adults and ensure all members of staff within the Trust understand their safeguarding responsibilities.

· Ensure staff within the Trust have the knowledge and resources to identify children or adults ‘at risk’ who may need protection and identify individuals who may be a risk to others. There are clear procedures for reporting concerns.

Engage in Multi-Agency Working

The Trust is an active partner in Bradford Safeguarding Adult and Children Boards and has representation in all their sub-groups as well as the Bradford Domestic and Sexual Violence Strategic Board. BTHFT is committed to working collaboratively with other agencies and sharing information in a safe and appropriate manner, in order to safeguard vulnerable patients.

Ensure Robust Leadership

The Trust has effective executive team oversight of safeguarding business within the Trust. The Chief Nurse is the Executive Lead for safeguarding and oversees activity, with clear lines of responsibility. The Trust will ensure that dedicated safeguarding children and adult teams are in place and fully- staffed. The Board of Directors will receive an annual report and interim updates.

Have Up-to-Date Policies and Procedures

The Trust has up-to-date safeguarding policies in place to guide staff. They are regularly reviewed and updated. The Trust policies are in accordance with the West Yorkshire Safeguarding Children and Adult procedures.

Provide Adequate Training and Supervision

The Safeguarding Children and Adult teams provide a training strategy in line with national guidance, for the whole workforce, with designated levels of training for staff dependent on their role. Training is provided via e-learning and face-to-face sessions with a varied programme and includes learning from Serious Case Reviews and Serious Incidents. Safeguarding Supervision is encouraged and available for all staff.

A newsletter is produced every six months and circulated to all staff. Further information is available from the safeguarding children and adults pages on the Trust Intranet.

Ensuring a Safe Workforce

The Trust has a robust recruitment and selection policy and employment checks policy which fully comply with NHS Employment Check standards and DBS checks in relation to employees. In addition, there is a clear policy for allegations against staff. All new staff are required to attend a corporate induction programme at the start of their employment which includes a mandatory face-to-face safeguarding training session.

Maintain Standards and Learning

There are transparent governance arrangements to provide robust internal challenges. They are assessed as part of the ‘safe’ domain of CQC inspections. In addition, BTHFT will provide evidence to the commissioners for assurance around safeguarding standards for adults and children. Examples of other types of assurance include Declaration of Section 11 audit data to Bradford Safeguarding Children Board on a regular basis, participation in serious case reviews and domestic homicide reviews, contribution to Learning Lessons reviews and Challenge Panels.

The Trust continues to be committed to developing a culture of learning from incidents internally and regionally in order to drive up standards. There is a rolling programme of audits to enable a measurement of effective activity and to identify gaps in staff knowledge and service provision.

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