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MRSA and Infection Control

Bradford Teaching Hospitals is committed to good hygiene care and reducing the risk of infection. All staff are required to follow strict rules to prevent cross infection and maintain a clean environment.

Hospital staff

If a member of staff needs to examine you or perform a procedure please ask them to clean their hands if you are worried they may have forgotten. It is OK to ask.

What can you do to help?

Personal hygiene is very important and you will need to bring in personal toiletries for your stay in hospital. Always wash your hands or use the hygiene gel provided after you have used the toilet and before eating or drinking.

Your visitors

Visitors should wash their hands or use the hygiene gel before entering or leaving the ward. They should cover up any open wounds or cuts when visiting. If your visitors have any infections or symptoms of diarrhoea or vomiting please discuss this with the nurse in charge before they come onto a ward.

Help us to maintain a clean hospital

If you or your visitors notice anything that is not clean please report this to the nurse in charge of the ward as soon as possible so that it can be put right.

For further information please ask a member of staff for the Reducing the Risk of Infection in Hospital leaflet or ring our Infection Control Team on 01274 364049.