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Formulary and NICE Guidance

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Please look at the blue menu on the left for the individual guidelines.

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The Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Medicines Formulary has been developed jointly between the Pharmacists and Doctors in the Foundation Trust, with input from GPs in the Bradford area.It has been developed to promote quality, cost-effective prescribing both in the primary and secondary care sectors.As the project develops, it will include more guidance on prescribing issues, and will inlcude links to local and national guidelines and care pathways.To move to a certain therapeutic section, click on the relevant title on the left hand side of this screen. The sections are titled using the BNF chapter headings. Each section is presented as a table, and is subdivided in to BNF subsections. The right hand column indicates which drugs are included in the Foundation Trust formulary. A summary of recent changes to the formulary is available in the "News" section accessible from the formulary home page.Please note this section is currently in development, new sections will be added as they are completed.