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Your admission

What should I bring with me?

You may wish to use this checklist as a guide:-

  • Night clothes, dressing gown, slippers
  • Underwear
  • Toiletries, hairbrush, comb, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste or denture cleaner, soap, face flannel
  • Towels (hand/bath)
  • Paper handkerchiefs
  • Shaving equipment
  • Spectacles
  • Walking stick
  • Hearing aid
  • Any type of special shoe
  • Medicine
  • Sanitary towels/tampons
  • Small change

Please ensure that all nightware is fire retardant.

If you wish you can also bring reading material.  Magazines and newspapers are available at the hospital shop.

Patients are not allowed to bring personal electrical appliances into hospital.  The reason for this is to help safeguard the hospital's electrical supply which operates essential medical equipment.  If it is essential, in exceptional circumstances the piece of equipment must be passed to the nurse in charge who will arrange inspection by a hospital engineer prior to use.

Who should I see when I arrive?

When you arrive at the hospital please go straight to the ward. To enable the ward staff to admit you without delay, it is important that you bring the following documents:

  • Notification of admission
  • New National Health Service number (obtainable from your family doctor)
  • Postcode of your home address
  • Pension book number and amount payable (if applicable)
  • War pension details (if applicable)
  • The name and surgery address of your family doctor
  • Your Bradford Hospital Number if you have one
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