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Privacy and Dignity for All: Same Sex Accommodation

Here at Bradford Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust improving the experience of our patients and in particular safeguarding their privacy and dignity is one of our top priorities. We are working hard to ensure that, wherever possible, men and women do not have to share the same sleeping accommodation, toilets or bathing/showering facilities. We are currently undertaking a programme of refurbishment to enable this to happen. Find out more.


It is important that you bring all your medicines with you, including anything, which you may buy over the counter from the chemist without a prescription. This includes any herbal or alternative medicines. It is important that the doctor who sees you first is able to have a look at them. It is likely that during your stay, your own medicines may be used for your treatment, subject to your approval.


It is extremely important that both medical and nursing staff are made aware of any specific allergy you may have as soon as you are admitted.

Private patient facilities

The Trust has dedicated Private Patient Facilities on the York Suite at Bradford Royal Infirmary. All of the York Suite rooms are single side rooms, with en-suite facilities.

  • The York Suite offers treatment to patients with private health insurance or on a self paying basis at fixed package prices.
  • Amenity Rooms – subject to availability, it is possible (subject to medical advice) for patients to retain their NHS status, but upgrade to a York Suite single side room for an additional charge.

To discuss private treatment options and amenity rooms, please contact the York Suite Business Office on 01274 364668.


You will be asked which ethnic group you belong to. This information is collected to enable the Trust to ensure that the service provided meets the needs of our patients.

What ward services are available?

Patientline at the bedside. This encompasses a T.V., radio and telephone which are available at a cost with a pre-payment card. Freephone Patientline: 0800 9593100. Hospital radio contact telephone details are: Radio Royal: 394917 or *800 on Patientline phone and St Luke’s Sound 365041.

Personal amplifiers

Personal amplifiers are available on loan for those patients who may have difficulty hearing spoken voice, television and radio.

Mobile phones

In some areas the use of mobile phones is not allowed because they affect the delicate medical equipment. In other areas we discourage their use if they are disturbing other patients.

Can I talk to the doctor about my illness?

You can talk to any healthcare professional about your condition. If you or your family have any concerns about your illness or treatment, please ask the nurse or doctor looking after you and they will arrange for your concerns to be answered.

Will I be seen by students?

Sometimes you may be asked if you are willing to be seen and cared for by students your cooperation would be very much appreciated. If however, you do not wish to be seen by medical students, then you can refuse.

Zero tolerance policy

We have a zero tolerance policy and will not allow staff to be verbally abused or physically assaulted by either patients or visitors. Action will be taken if this occurs.

Money and valuables

We strongly advise that you do not bring large amounts of money or valuables into hospital. However, if it is necessary, they can be deposited for safe keeping with the nurse in charge and a receipt will be given. We cannot accept responsibility for any items retained by yourself and we will not accept claims for loss of this type of property. You will require a moderate amount of loose change for newspapers, Patientline etc. All personal property should be kept safe and out of sight.


Bradford Royal Infirmary entrances are locked from 18.30 hours to 06.30 hours. The only entrance into the hospital after 18.30 hours is through the main entrance. All visitors to the hospital should use this entrance only.

St Luke’s Hospital ward entrances are locked from 20.00 hours to 06.00 hours. The Horton Wing entrance is locked from 22.00 hours and monitored via the 24 hour staffed reception desk. Access to the Horton Wing after 22.00 hours is via a buzzer system at the main entrance.

There is a security presence at both hospitals with security officers patrolling the grounds and CCTV in car parking areas. If you see anyone acting suspiciously please tell a member of staff.

Are you a disabled person?

If you have mobility, communication, hearing or visual impairment you may wish to tell us before your admission. We have an assessment form called "Closing the Gap" to complete if you have a learning disability. Please let us know at pre-assessment or by contacting your consultant’s secretary whose details are on your admission letter.

Interpreting Service

This service is available to all patients who require help with interpretation whose first language is not English. Please ask a member of staff if you or your family require this service.

Your food

The menu has been designed to offer you a wide choice of dishes to ensure you are able to meet your nutritional and cultural requirements during your hospital stay.

Menus are designed to support the ‘Better Hospital Food’ initiative and include a number of leading chef dishes.

If you miss a meal due to late admission or a clinical treatment a snack box can be made available. If you have any difficulties ordering food then please ask ward staff.

Please let us know if you have any specific dietary, medical, cultural or religious needs.

Am I allowed to smoke?

By choosing to be treated at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, a smoke-free organisation, you have agreed not to smoke in any of the hospital buildings or grounds.

What Social Service support is available?

There are Social Services staff available at both hospital sites who provide services to adults. They can also put you in touch with the children's division. If you would like to speak to someone ask the nursing staff who will arrange this for you.

Legal documents/wills

If you need to obtain the signature of a witness to any legal or official document please ask the nurse in charge, who will arrange for this to be done.

What about my spiritual needs?

You may have specific spiritual needs whilst in hospital. The spiritual support team offers confidential support to all those with a faith and to those with none. There is a team of multi-faith visitors who try to visit all wards on a weekly basis. Arrangements can be made for your own religious representative to visit. Please ask the nursing staff to arrange this.

There are multi-faith places of worship in the Horton Wing at St Luke’s and Bradford Royal Infirmary designed for people of all faiths. Services are held midweek and on Sunday. Details will be found on notice boards or can be obtained by nursing staff or members of the chaplaincy team.

How can I obtain a medical certificate?

If you require a medical certificate then please ask a member of the ward team.

What happens about my pension or benefit whilst I am in hospital?

There is a free phone Benefit Enquiry Line 0800 882200. A leaflet is also available 'Going into Hospital' (DW1029), which will also explain in full what happens. This is available from your local Department of Work and Pension office (DWP) or Citizens Advice Bureau. You can also download the leaflet from

Are there banking facilities?

Cash machines are available at Bradford Royal Infirmary and are situated in the main corridor. The cash machine at St Luke's Hospital is situated outside the Horton Wing entrance. Patients are advised not to bring large sums of money into hospital.

Patient confidentiality

Everyone working at the hospital has a duty to keep information about you confidential.

We need to keep records about your health and any treatment you receive. This information is used to make sure:

  • that we provide you with the best care possible
  • those involved in your care have accurate information about you
  • full information about you is available should you need to see another doctor or be referred to a specialist
  • that should you have a problem, your records will help with any investigation

We may also use your information:

We will not pass your information to third parties without your permission unless there are exceptional circumstances, for example where the law requires us to.

  • to review the care we provide to ensure it is of the highest standard
  • to teach and train healthcare professionals
  • to prepare statistics on NHS performance
  • for medical and other health research

Access to your records

You have a right of access to your health records. If you would like to access your records whilst you are an inpatient, please ask a member of staff on the ward. If you wish to access your records after your stay in hospital, please contact the Assistant Patient Administration Manager on 01274 365883.

Please be aware that in certain circumstances access to your record may be limited if it is felt to be in your best interest or that of others.

Entitlement to NHS treatment

There are occasions when patients may be required to prove residency in the UK and entitlement to NHS treatment. Please help our staff if they require this information.

Moving wards

As part of your care you may reach a stage where after assessment it is determined that your continuing needs no longer require you to occupy a bed in the specialist ward in which you are being treated. In this instance you may be required to move to a more appropriate setting for your further care. This may be to an alternative bed in another part of the hospital or to an alternative healthcare setting. We will ensure that the setting in which your continuing care is provided is suitable for your needs.

Gifts & gratuities

Hospital personnel are not allowed to receive personal gifts or money. If you would like to make a donation however large or small please speak to the nurse in charge who will give you information about making a donation by cheque, or by going to our charity link at:

Any donations will be spent on improving the patient experience.

Are you entitled to help with fares to hospital?

If you are attending an NHS hospital for treatment you may be entitled to the cost of bus fare or possibly mileage allowance (this does not usually include taxi fares, unless it is deemed totally inappropriate to use public transport) to or from the hospital if;

  • You or partner receives income support, income-based job seekers allowance, family credit or disability working allowance.
  • Your income is low enough (claim on form HC1).
  • You are attending a sexually transmitted disease clinic more than 15 miles from your home.
  • You get a war or MOD disablement pension and are being treated for your war injury.

Payment can be made at any hospital – ask at reception.

Sometimes we will pay for an escort to travel with you if it is considered to be medically necessary. The clinician looking after you will make this decision.

If you are visiting a patient who is a partner or close relative, you may be able to get help with your travel costs if you are receiving income support or income – based job seekers allowance. You can obtain the claim form from your local social services office.

Hospital wristbands

When you are in hospital it is essential to wear a wristband to ensure correct identification at all times.

The wristband will contain accurate details about you including all of the essential information that staff need to identity you correctly and give you the right care. All hospital patients including babies, children and older people should wear wristbands at all times. If you have an allergy we can provide a different band please let a member of staff know.

If you do not have a wristband whilst in hospital, then please ask a member of staff for one. If it comes off or is uncomfortable, ask a member of staff to replace it.


You may also be entitled to free prescriptions. For further information obtain form FP95 from Benefits Agencies, chemists or Post Offices.

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