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Jewish Patients
The British Jewish community identifies with neither a specific country of origin nor ethnic group.
There is a wide variety of beliefs and attitudes and even of languages spoken. However, observant Jews have specific dietary and other religious requirements and may hold cultural beliefs about health and illness, life and death.
Certain genetic illnesses, such as Tay Sachs disease occur more commonly among Jews of European origin than in the general...


During your stay

Page | Last updated almost 3 years ago

We understand that being in hospital may be a new and strange experience for you. 

Our Patients and Carers Guide is designed to help you prepare for your stay. 

If you have any questions that remain unanswered about any aspect of your stay or treatment, then the nurse in charge, or a doctor or nurse involved in your care, will be happy to help.

Dignity and respect

You and your family have the right to be treated fairly and be routinely involved in decis...