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What we do

Pathologists study the causes of disease and the ways in which disease processes affect our bodies. Recognising the patterns that disease takes allows us to understand what is at the root of a problem, enabling accurate diagnosis. Following up this understanding of what has gone wrong helps us devise treatments and put preventative measures in place.

Bradford Pathology Services are supplied through an agreement with Leeds Teaching Hospitals to the Foundation Trust, local GPs and to community healthcare in West Yorkshire. The department supports clinical trials and research, participates in External Quality Assessment Schemes and is active in supporting a national and regional reference service.

Services we provide

Blood TransfusionBlood Transfusion provides replacement blood for patients who have lost or cannot make their own blood.
Clinical Biochemistry and ImmunologyBiochemistry analyses the chemicals in the blood and other body fluids to aid the diagnosis of disease.
HaematologyHaematology is the examination of blood and bone marrow samples to diagnose and manage long term disease.
Histopathology including mortuary services and autopsiesIn addition to undertaking autopsies, Consultant Histopathologists examine tissue (histology) and cells (cytology) removed from patients during operations and at clinic.
Microbiology and VirologySpecimens from all parts of the body are examined in Microbiology and Virology for evidence of bacteria and viruses.
PhlebotomyBlood specimens are taken on the wards or in clinic by Phlebotomists, who are trained health care professionals. Skilled phlebotomists can find hidden veins, introduce a needle into the vein and extract blood with little or no discomfort to the patient.
Phlebotomy department opening times.


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