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First appointment/what to bring

Infants, children and young people referred to CAU will usually have already been seen by a member of the health care profession and were felt to be acutely unwell and so should present to CAU as soon as possible following initial referral.

If your child takes any regular medication, please bring them with you. Whilst we have most milk available on the ward we would advise you to bring your own from home. If your infant/child wears nappies please bring with you.

Please bring your infants red book.

On arrival to CAU you will triaged by a member of the nursing team. Triage is a process which enables us to assess how unwell your child is. At triage we will take your child's blood pressure, pulse, temperature, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation levels. All children will be weighed, heighted and a urine sample obtained as part of their initial assessment.