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General Information

  • Comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach
  • Full range of minimally invasive (keyhole) procedures
  • Expert surgeons, dieticians, anaesthetists and other team members
  • Easy, rapid access to treatment
  • Thorough follow-up with both surgeons and dieticians to optimise the effects and reach benefits of surgery


Dawn Stephenson, Business Manager for Acute Surgery

01274 28 2488



BRI/SLH and Yorkshire Clinic

Service(s) provided

Comprehensive assessment of clinical needs and full range of keyhole procedures ( laparoscopic bypass,  laparoscopic band,  laparoscopic sleave etc)

Consultants and other key staff

Mr James Halstead, Consultant Upper GI Surgeon

Mr John May,  Consultant Upper GI Surgeon

Mr Jay Gokhale,  Consultant Upper GI Surgeon

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