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What we do

We aim to give holistic care, and unlike many branches of medicine we are not limited to one organ system or type of illness.

We have inpatient and outpatient facilities for treating and diagnosing illnesses due to infection, including TB, HIV and Imported Infections and febrile illnesses where the cause is uncertain.

Patients are often seen for investigation, so a firm diagnosis is not required for referral (and their final diagnosis may not be of an infection). The Microbiology Department works closely with us, and we have a joint weekly multidisciplinary meeting.

Most patients we see do not have infections that can be easily spread from person to person, but we have special facilities and training to manage such problems. No one would be exposed to risk in our clinics.

Inpatient Care

Our main ward is ward 24, but we often see patients on other wards. We often help care for patients with MRSA, other resistant bacteria and Clostridium difficile infections.

HIV Care

Most patients with HIV are seen at Trinity Centre, near St Luke's Hospital, but some are seen in our general clinics. The routine clinics are all day on Thursday and on Tuesday afternoon. We are part of the West Yorkshire HIV Network, so we can discuss difficult problems. From 1st of August 2015 the Sexual Health Department will operate from different premises. We are sorry if this is inconvenient. We will continue to work with the Sexual Health Team. Our HIV secretary can be contacted on 01274365101.

Quick Access Clinics

If you have an acute illness which needs to be seen urgently we are often able to see people quickly (after a Telephone or Fax Referral) in a ward Based Clinic at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

General Clinics

These are based at St Luke's Hospital and are on Monday and Friday afternoons.


We run a joint TB service with the respiratory Physicians. The TB Nurses can be contacted on 01274365101.


We run a service which allows patients to continue with treatment with antibiotics injections after they have left hospital. This service is currently being reorganised and during the transition will not always be as flexible.


We have an active research program, participating in national studies. You may be approached by our research team for this, but we will always obtain your consent before involving you in research (even if it is just collecting information). The research team can be contacted on 01274 38 3930.

The team


Dr Paul McWhinney (Lead Clinician)

Dr Riccardo Giuntini

Dr Ben Jeffs

Dr Sophie Brady and Dr Nicola Fearnley (Consultants in GU Medicine) are also members of our HIV Team

Nursing Staff

Sr Caroline Carass “ Ward 24

Simon Corcos “ HIV Clinical Nurse Specialist

Sr Ruth Frizzell “ Senior TB Nurse

Paula Sharratt “ Lead Research Nurse, Infection Research

Feedback, complaints and compliments

We strive to get things right every time and will always aim to provide a high quality and safe service. However sometimes a problem may arise or something may go wrong and when it does it is your right to tell us or complain.

Please tell us as soon as you have any concerns so that where possible we can resolve the situation. We will not be offended and your valuable feedback will not affect your care.

It is understandable that you may not want to speak to us directly. If this is the case you can either contact PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) or the Trust's Chief Executive.

PALS can be contacted on 01274 364021 at Bradford Royal Infirmary or 01274 365853 at St Luke's Hospital. The text phone number for deaf people is 01274 382580. You can also email pals@bradfordhospitals.nhs.uk

The Chief Executive

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Chestnut House

Bradford Royal Infirmary

Duckworth Lane

Bradford BD9 6RJ


Telephone: 01274 364810

Free Phone: 0500 777717

SMS Text: 07970 971819

Contact us

Our Secretary can be contacted on:

Tel: 01274 382248

Fax: 01274 362385

Translators and interpreters

Unfortunately the doctors can only ask questions and examine you using English and if you are not fluent we may need a translator (either in person or with a video link).

These translators are bound by rules of confidentiality. Your GP may well have told us you will need one, but if you have any doubt please let us know of your needs, using the number on your appointment letter.

Although relatives can be very helpful as translators, we often need to use medical vocabulary which needs a trained translator. People are also often uncomfortable discussing all aspects of your medical history with a relative.

Referral pathways

We accept referrals from GP's, other teams from Bradford Hospitals and from other Hospitals.

For an OHPAT referral to be accepted the patient must have a Bradford GP.

If a patient has an acute illness we are keen to take telephone referrals from GP's.

First appointment

It is useful if you can bring your current medication or an up to date list of them. We don't usually need anything else for your first visit.


If you are unable to attend please contact us as soon as possible to rearrange your appointment for a more convenient time. Giving us sufficient notice may allow us to see another patient. The number to ring can be found on your appointment letter, or contact our Secretary.


We don't usually give prescriptions for routine medications. If you need a treatment straight away we will prescribe it for you, but otherwise we will write to your GP.

We always prescribe all the TB medications you need. If there are any problems with these medications you should contact the TB Nurses on 01274365101