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02 - Cardio-vascular

NICE Technologies Applicable to this BNF Section
TA Number TA Subject Has the recommendation in the TA been implemented in the organisation for example by changes to the local formulary for drugs, procurement of devices or changes to care pathways? (Yes/No/TA Not Applicable to this organisation)
TA287 Pulmonary Embolism and recurrent venous thromboembolism - rivaroxaban (TA287) Yes
TA 275 Stroke & systemic embolism (prevention, non-valvular atrial fibrilation) - apixaban (TA275) Yes
TA267 Chronic heart failure - ivabradine (TA267) Yes
TA264 Stroke (acute, ischaemic) - alteplase (TA264) Yes
TA261 Venous thromboembolism (treatment and long term secondary prevention) - rivaroxaban (TA261) Yes
TA256 Atrial fibrilation (stroke prevention) - rivaroxaban (TA256) Yes
Dabigatran  (atrial fibrilation) (TA249)

venous Thromboembolism (apixaban) (hip & knee surgery) (TA245)
Yes (the Foundation Trust protocol currently uses rivaroxaban for this indication - any patient admitted taking apixaban will be continued on apixaban)
Ticagrelor (acute coronary syndromes) (TA236) Yes
Myocardial infarction (persistent ST segment elevation) - bivalirudin (TA230)
TA not applicable to this organisation (this procedure is undertaken by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)
TA223 Peripheral arterial disease - cilastozol, naftidrofuryl oxalate, pentoxifylline & inositol nicotinate (TA223) Yes
TA210 Prevention of occlusive vascular events (clopidogrel & modified release dipyridamole) (TA210) Yes
TA197 Atrial fibrilation - dronedarone (TA197) Yes
TA182 Acute coronary syndrome (prasugrel) (TA182) Yes
TA170 Venous thromboembolism - rivaroxaban (TA170) Yes
TA167 Abdominal aortic aneurysm - endovascular stent-grafts (TA167) Yes
TA157 Venous thromboembolism (dabigatran) (TA157) Yes (The Foundation Trust protocol currently uses rivaroxaban for this indication - any patient admitted already taking dabigatran will be continued on dabigatran)
TA152 Coronary artery disease - drug-eluting stents (TA152) Yes
TA132 Primary Hypercholesterolaemia (ezetemibe) (TA132) Yes
TA120 Heart failure - cardiac resynchronisation (TA120) Yes
TA95 Arrhythmia - implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) (review) (TA95) Yes
TA94 Cardiovascular disease - statins (TA94) Yes
TA88 Bradycardia - dual chamber pacemakers (TA88) Yes
TA73 Angina and myocardial infarction - myocardial infusion scintigraphy (TA73) Yes
TA71 Ischaemic heart disease - coronary artery stents (TA71) Yes
TA52 Myocardial infarction - thrombolysis (TA52) Yes
TA47 Acute coronary syndromes - glycoprotein IIb/IIa inhibitors (review) (TA47) (partially updated by CG94) Yes