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01 - Gastro-intestinal

NICE Technologies Applicable to this BNF Section
TA Number TA Subject Has the recommendation in the TA been implemented in the organisation for example by changes to the local formulary for drugs, procurement of devices or changes to care pathways? (Yes/No/TA Not Applicable to this organisation)
TA277 Methylnaltrexone for treating opiod-induced bowel dysfunction in people with advanced illness receiving palliative care (terminated apprasial) (TA277) Yes
TA262 Ulcerative collitis (moderate to severe - second line) - adalimumab (terminated appraisal) (TA262) Yes
TA211 Constipation (women) - prucalopride (TA211) Yes
TA187 Crohn's disease - infliximab (review) & adalimumab (review of TA40) (TA187) Yes
TA163 Ulcerative colitis (acute exacerbations) - Infliximab (TA163) Yes
TA140 Ulcerative colitis (subacute manifestations) - infliximab(TA140) Yes
TA128 Haemorrhoid - stapled haemorroidopexy (TA128)