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GP Bulletin March 2015

Contract signing of new Electronic Patient Record (EPR)

Following the approval of the business case, we are pleased to announce that we have taken a major step forward in our journey to implement an EPR (Electronic Patient Record). Working with Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, we have signed a contract with the market leading supplier of EPR, Cerner.

This system was demonstrated widely to over 500 staff in November 2014 and was highly praised. Electronic patient records have a proven track record of improving patient care, with advantages such as:

¢ Being able to access clinical information anytime, anywhere. This can include vital signs and automatic alerts informing you when a

patient's condition deteriorates

¢ Reducing the number of adverse patient drug events with automatic alerting.

¢ Preventing duplicate tests being performed

¢ Faster turn-around times for diagnostics with electronic ordering

¢ Faster handovers with the right information at your fingertip

¢ Electronic reconciliation of medications so nothing is missed and there are no miscommunications

¢ Ultimately, a reduction in harm

The electronic patient record project will introduce a standardised IT system across the Trust to give instant access to patients' digital records. This will improve patient care and safety, prevent duplication and reduce costs.

The electronic patient record will be a key foundation of our Transformation Programme and will allow us to review our current processes against the best-practice processes, ensuring that we provide the best and most efficient care possible.

Work on new £28m hospital wing gets underway at BRI

Work on the BRI's new multi-million pound new hospital wing is due to get underway in April after the Board of Directors approved the £28m project. The new hospital wing has been designed with patients at its very heart and the whole environment will be welcoming and visually attractive.

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National Stillbirth Care Bundle “ Pilot Site

Work by Janet Wright (Obstetrics and Gynaecology Consultant) at BTHFT has led to the Trust being selected as a pilot site for the National Stillbirth Care Bundle. This is a project on reducing stillbirths and early neonatal deaths, led by an NHS England National Domain Team. A Stillbirth Care Bundle has been developed consisting of interventions based on the following 4 elements:

¢ Smoking Cessation

¢ Management of SGA

¢ Reduced fetal movement

¢ CTG interpretation

We have been chosen as a pilot site for two of these elements; ˜reduced fetal movement' and ˜smoking cessation'. The national team will review the care bundle, based on the findings of the pilot trusts such as ourselves, so our feedback will be valuable to the national team. The care bundle will be launched nationally to all Trusts around March to April next year.

SAFE! relaunches at BTHFT

The SAFE! programme has been enhanced and re-launched at the Trust which includes some changes to the original structure. Originally launched in 2010, the new SAFE! programme has incorporated many of the existing projects that were included in the previous campaign.

SAFE! consists of six domains which cover the main quality and safety priorities within the organisation. These are:

¢ Management of the deteriorating patient

¢ Safer procedures

¢ Medication safety

¢ Safety culture

¢ Mortality review

¢ Management of long term conditions

High priority quality and patient safety projects which are identified to be part of SAFE! will be included under one of these domains. It is acknowledged that some topics will potentially cover more than in one work-stream. When this occurs the project will be placed under the work-stream with greatest relevance at the time; flexibility will be designed into the programme to allow movement between work-streams as projects evolve.

The 2015 programme has been developed through a variety of methods:

¢ Evaluation of the projects under the previous SAFE! programme

¢ Review of current quality and safety priorities in the organisation including on-going safety work, incidents, inquests, claims, audit and complaints

¢ Meeting the needs of work with NHS QUEST, Health Foundation Closing the Gap programme, Sign up to Safety and Health Foundation ˜Measuring and Monitoring of Safety'

¢ Scan of best practice from other high performing NHS Trusts on their quality and safety priorities

¢ Horizon scanning of the requirements of the Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Collaborative

The SAFE! programme is being led in the organisation by multidisciplinary teams from across a range of clinical specialties.

Trust Grand Round “ cancelled in March 2015

The Trust Grand Round which was scheduled to take place on March 31 in the Sovereign Lecture Theatre has been cancelled. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

The next Grand Round will take place on April 28th at the regular time of 12.45pm for an hour. The Grand Round is held in the Sovereign Lecture Theatre at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

Lunch will be available from 12.15pm.

This monthly bulletin aims to keep local GPs up to date with the trust's new services and developments. If you'd like any further information about any of the items in this month's briefing contact Naveed Saddique on 01274 272635, email gp.comments@bthft.nhs.uk.