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GP Bulletin June 2015

Tackling the challenges ahead together

At the Clinical Executive timeout, a quarterly gathering of senior management and clinicians across the Trust, the tough challenges ahead were the focus of the discussion. We also had in attendance Dr Aamer Khan who provided an insight into the GP Federations and the need for collaborative working across the health sector.

This session included exploring ways of improving communications between clinicians and other organisations; ensuring a greater understanding of ˜the big plan for Bradford' as a whole; redesigning pathways from a patient's perspective; and equipping us with the most timely and accurate data. Embracing the potential of IT and new technology “ just as we are doing with the launch of a new Electronic Patient Records (EPR) system “ will also be a key driver of change.

To help us shape the action that we need to take, we have already spoken with more than 30 leaders across the Foundation Trust to gain their first-hand insight of who we should be talking to and working more closely with. And we are building on this by going out to other organisations to let them know what we can offer and listen to their views on the contribution we can make in the future by working more closely together. So, by way of an example of the importance of forging better links with primary care, it was helpful to hear from Dr Aamer Khan a representative of one of the GP Federations in the city and the work its membership of 18 practices are doing to reduce emergency paediatric admissions and out-of-hours use “ such as by providing rapid access clinics for children needing to see a GP.

The Trust looks forward to building on this platform in future sessions and reporting back to you on our progress in turning ideas into action.

'Critical hours' stroke services to be improved

Local doctors are planning to improve the first ˜critical hours' of care for patients from Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven who have suffered a stroke by providing a single site emergency stroke service for the district. The service, based at Bradford Royal Infirmary, will provide round the clock care, seven days a week, giving patients access to the specialist skills, tests and treatments needed to save more lives, improve recovery and reduce disabilities that can result from a stroke “ particularly in the first critical 48 hours of care.

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Launch of clinical trials of new vision loss treatment

BTHFT's growing reputation for ground-breaking medical research has been strengthened with a new study that is recruiting its first volunteers this week. We are one of just six UK centres which have been handed a key role in a project which aims to find a treatment for one of the fastest-growing causes of vision loss.

Trust staff in the ophthalmology department are carrying out research which could help to unlock a long-awaited cure for the ˜dry' form of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). It is estimated that as many as 44,000 people a year are diagnosed with this type of the eye disease which - although the most common cause of vision loss in the over-50s - is currently untreatable.

From the macula centre, staff are carrying out clinical trials of a new treatment “ the first in the world - to assess whether its success in the research labs and initial clinical trials can be translated to patient care on a wider scale. Initially, the research team “ spearheaded by lead investigator and consultant ophthalmologist Mr Faruque Ghanchi “ is looking to recruit six volunteers for the trials, and then maybe more.

We are delighted to be at the forefront of this work. The results of our ˜Bradford experience' will equip researchers with vital information in their hunt to find an effective treatment.

Keeping you up to date with the new hospital wing

Our new hospital wing development is now into its 6th week and a lot of progress is being made. Solid hoardings have been erected around the site and temporary signage has been put in place to help all of us to find our way around the works.

In the coming weeks, the contractors will be adding additional lighting around the hoardings creating some viewing windows, which will allow everyone to see their work safely. The services diversion works in front of Chestnut House continue which is re-routing essential drainage, electricity cables and hundreds of telephone cables away from the development area. The work around this area is critical to the overall programme of works and, whilst disruptive to site movements, we ask for your patience and understanding until this work is completed in mid-July.

There have been some demolition works and will see further drainage diversions taking place. To do this several large machines will be on site to shift around 7,500 tonnes of earth. To protect the stained glass windows on the main corridor, some temporary coverings have been installed over the windows. This unfortunately made the corridor by the entrance and The Hub Café dimly lit. The lighting will therefore need to be improved in that area which our Estates department are progressing with.

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An invitation to the Grand Round

An invitation to the Grand Round

The Foundation Trust invites all local GPs to attend the Grand Round. These meetings provide an excellent opportunity to meet with fellow professionals whilst remaining up to date with key issues and developments.

The subject for the Grand Round on 30th June will be “

- Elizabeth Teale (Consultant in Elderly Care) - `Detection of Delirium` from 12:45 “ 13.15

- Dr Brad Wilson (Consultant in A&E) - `Ambulatory Care` from 13.15 “ 13.45

The Grand Round is held in the Sovereign Lecture Theatre at Bradford Royal Infirmary on the last Tuesday of each month. Meetings start at 12.45pm and last for an hour. Lunch is available from 12.15pm.