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GP Bulletin February 2015

Improving the levels of nursing staff

A Nurse Recruitment Open Day in addition to recruiting cohorts of nurses from Spain has led to over 30 nurses joining Bradford Teaching Hospitals since December 2014. This has benefitted a number of specialties with further recruitment to follow with a third interview trip to take place during February 2015.

Feedback from the nurses who have joined the Trust already has been extremely positive, which is a credit to the existing staff, who really welcomed them into their teams. Given the current pressures, this is an exceptional achievement and one warmly welcomed by our new colleagues.

The increased number of nursing staff allows Bradford Teaching Hospitals to provide an enhanced patient experience with an even greater focus on quality and safety. As part of the continued recruitment, work is also progressing in partnership with Bradford University to support nurses seeking to return to practice.

Updating you on the Centralised Patient Booking Service

Last year we opened our new Patient Booking Service at St Luke's Hospital. To date 14 specialties have moved the booking of their outpatient appointments to the new centralised service, the most recent of these being Orthopaedics.

There is now one single contact number for patients and professional referral queries - 01274 274274. Our preferred referral method is electronically via Choose and Book. This new centralised approach is standardising the appointment booking process, ensuring that all our patients experience the same high standard of service and communication.

In addition to introducing a single point of contact we are also making sure that the majority of appointment letters are now delivered within two days and that all patient letters include a named consultant. This is reducing delays and, more importantly, improving waiting times for our patients.

The continued success of this project is dependent on collaborative working and we ask that Practices continue to keep patient addresses up to date to avoid DNA's and wasted resources at both a Practice and Trust level.

You can also help by including information, such as whether interpreters are required during consultations. We have had a number of patients arriving for appointments that require interpreters, but have not had them booked as it was not indicated on the referral documents.

It is important to note that none of these changes affect our fast-track service and that the fast-track referral process remains the same. We will continue to send regular email updates to show which services have moved their referral and booking management to the central service. We would like to thank everyone who has provided us with feedback. Through this information we can ensure continuous improvement during the transfer of all our appointment bookings. If you have a quality idea which will help improve the Patient Booking Service contact us at qualityideas@bthft.nhs.uk.

BTHFT leads the way with new ˜hourglass' treatment for patients with angina

Cardiologists in Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS FT are trialling a new egg-timer shaped device that could improve quality of life for angina sufferers worldwide. A new international study published in the New England Journal of Medicine provides evidence for a novel and effective treatment for patients with angina who previously would not have been suitable for conventional treatments.

Further information can be found here.

BRI surgeon performs first every cochlear implant surgery in Malawi

A team at the Yorkshire Cochlear Implant Service at Bradford Royal Infirmary have performed the first cochlear implant surgery in Malawi, helping two deaf children to hear in what is a life-changing operation.

The intricate surgery was carried out on Richard Mohammed, 16, and Joyce Chapotera, nine, by David Strachan an ENT and cochlear implant surgeon. Mr Strachan said ""Everyone in the Bradford team is honoured to have been part of this team effort that has created medical history “ and paved the way for propelling its audiology service into a new era."

The focus for both children is now to ensure they reach their full potential on their hearing.

"Cochlear implantation is not just about the surgery “ in fact I always say we are simply the ˜plumbers' “ but the key is the rehabilitation after the operation, said Mr Strachan.

"This requires both the commitment of the patient and family and the rehabilitation team including, of course, the audiologists who programme the implant. This process requires a number of regular visits initially and the rehabilitation can take many months of hard work. That way the benefits of the cochlear implant can be maximised."

The Yorkshire Cochlear Implant Service at the BRI has carried out approximately 1,000 such operations over 25 years.

An invitation to the Grand Round

The Foundation Trust invites all local GPs to attend the Grand Round. These meetings provide an excellent opportunity to meet with fellow professionals whilst remaining up to date with key issues and developments.

The subject for the Grand Round on 24th February will be -

˜Six weeks to save the world: Experiences on the Ebola frontline' - Professor John Wright.

The Grand Round is held in the Sovereign Lecture Theatre at Bradford Royal Infirmary on the last Tuesday of each month. Meetings start at 12.45pm and last for an hour. Lunch is available from 12.15pm.

This monthly bulletin aims to keep local GPs up to date with the trust's new services and developments.   If you'd like any further information about any of the items in this month's briefing contact Naveed Saddique on 01274 382635 or email gp.comments@bthft.nhs.uk