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Outpatient Information

If you are referred by your GP/Nurse/Consultant you will be sent an outpatient appointment for St Luke’s Hospital (unless specified differently).  This will be a one to one, 30 minute appointment with the dietitian.  Click on the link at the side for further information about your consultation.  If you would prefer to be seen at a community location, click the link for community clinics on the side.  Please arrive about 10 minutes before your appointment. 

At the end of your first appointment you will book your follow up appointment with the receptionist.  Please be aware that you may not been seen by the same dietitian at each consultation.  If you would like to see the same dietitian then please ask the receptionist when you book your next appointment and we will try to accommodate this.  Please be aware this may mean you have to wait longer for a follow up appointment.

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